June Spirit Blessings

A deepest heart healing was need to released your joie de vivre that has been captured for many years.  The inner work you have been doing will release the gold within.
I sink deeper down into the heart where family issues, childhood hurts and teenage angst lays and it calls for a gentle heart healing.  Give yourself some love with a bath, massage, sleep-ins and walks in botanical gardens among the Autumn leaves.

Full Moon Medicine for the inner teenager:
During puberty did you feel supported or uncertain?  The woman I am today understands it was a time of initiation into the rites of womanhood.  But back then I fumbled along as best as I could with no idea and no guidance…. you too?

Remedy for the inner teenager:
Wintergreen EO was needed to release the belief that you alone must deal with all of life’s challenges.  You don’t need to do it all alone; unless you choose too.
I brushed the Gall Bladder Meridian with Wintergreen to restore your mojo for creative expression and to restore your innocent heart + to soothe residue anger I bought in Rose Petal Alchemical Essence and I hear the words “sing your heart free”…

The clap sticks shifted the dregs and your heart bloomed and sacred energy flowed to heal the silent wounds.

In closing:

To help you take action with a soul goal I am prescribing a dose of music, singing, movement and dancing to be enjoyed thru this month.

List 10 things you loved about your teenage years and 20 things you love about your life today.  Is there anything the same?

Now go off and do something for the two of you….that combines what you loved then and what you adore now.

So I’m off to skateboard and flirt with some cute surfer dude…..or my husband.


4 thoughts on “June Spirit Blessings

  1. Hope you make it over to Nusa Lembongan even if it’s only for the day.. would love you to experience the spa. I also love organizing girls pamper & play -day trips to the island.. let me know if you’re up for an island escape xx Josie

    1. Hi lovely,
      Not sure if you got my personal message off facebook. We need to chat for 2019 retreat!

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