May Spirit Blessings

A gentle yet penetrating healing that you’re ready for.  Before you read this post pop on some soothing music, dim the lights, light a candle, make a cuppa and lean in….
You may like to print this out for easy access thru the month ahead.

Loving Heart:     

As I Reiki your heart I start humming the song “Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John” so I play it and sing along as the heart healing continues.   I included the lyrics that you needed to read + hear.

Remedy:          Here is a link to the song if you’d like to sing aloud to shift the heart energy.
Elton is such brilliant songman!  Perhaps your loving heart wants creative expression? 

Oh Philadelphia freedom, shine on me, I love you
Shine the light, through the eyes of the ones left behind
Shine the light, shine the light
Shine the light, won’t you shine the light
Philadelphia freedom, I love-ve-ve you, yes I do

Wise Mind:

To clear 3rd eye congestion I smudge with fresh Rosemary Sprigs from my garden which I don’t burn so that the pungent aroma can penetrate your blocked sinuses, obsessive mind + relentless thinking.    What have you been panicking about?  Patience is key so INHALE +  EXHALE and ask for guidance + take note of synchronicity + signs from the universe.

I sense that you may be mentally detoxing atm – yes?

Remedy:        I ‘smudge’ or ‘brush’ from the centre forehead out to the temples with two sprigs of Rosemary to create mental space.  I brush over the eyes + eyebrows exhaling deeply + invite clarity into your vision.   I massage the jaw in an upward + outward circular motion till I sense the mouth + heart relax.    I smudge your head + neck and finish with a scalp massage and now I want you to book in for a head + neck massage!   

If you’re detoxing I invite you for one evening to turn off all noise.  No tv, phone, radio or music.  Just silence by candlelight …  You may find yourself getting incredibly sleepy before 9pm so head off to bed.  It’s a wonderful way to support any form of detox.

Creative Womb:

Are you having issues with a male in your life?  A brother perhaps?    Domination, aggression, humiliation, compassion, affiliation and understanding.  These words came thru as did an image of money.

Remedy:         Lay your hands over your womb or hara for men (3 finger widths below the belly button).   Inhale into your power centre to draw yourself out of your noisy head and as you exhale float down into your ‘sacred home’ which is your truth, wisdom, power + source.   When you feel yourself being pulled out of your power go back to your breath.  Be in your depths and not in your shallow mind as you deal with this issue.  Smudge yourself daily with Rosemary to clear other people’s energy.

I hear the words “I want to go home”  so I continue till I hear “I am home”… and a question arises.
What is it that you truly desire and what are your 10 top excuses for not having it?  Write them down.  #ouch  I did this and it changed everything for me!  Try it.


So this May I invite you to join me in stop talking about what you really want to do, stop blaming something or someone else for why you can’t do it.  And just do it.  Just begin.
I know your ready for something new.  Your aligned.  Your ready.  The universe has heard you.  So go for it but don’t forget to breath!

With love always


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