April Spirit Blessings…

The theme for April is “nurture with gentleness”.  The words ‘with eyes to see’ come to me.  Not sure why.  But we shall ‘see’…

LOVING HEART:         As I Reiki your heart I hear Elvis’s crooning ‘Love me Tender’ usually sung gazing into the eyes of a beloved.  But in this case it’s for YOU.  From YOU.

Love me tender,  Love me true
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darling I love you
And I always will…..

Remedy:          April is dedicated to heightening your awareness of what your heart desires.
I feel your eyes turning downward to look into your heart.  Louise Hay’s says ‘Eyes represent the capacity to see clearly – past, present + future.    Perhaps a present day issue needs your eyes?  Or aren’t you ready to look at it yet?   Look within to see your truth.   It may not be the right time for you to make changes but be aware and ‘see’ how you respond to this situation  and how it affects you.    

THE ALL SEEING EYES:        Your eyes tell me they are tired of being tired and since they’re the last part of your body to relax it would be so very kind of you to be kind to them.  I reiki the eyes + corresponding chakra plus do a smudge.

Remedy:      An eyebag with an Amethyst crystal over the 3rd eye at night will soothe tired eyes, calm a wired nervous system, cool a heated mind and balance the crown chakra.

Imagine Amethyst healing light flowing into your 3rd eye and into and around your eyes. Open your mouth wide and let the first of many yawns come and keep yawning until your eyes tear up.  This will relax the jaw, cheeks and eyes and may get you sleepy.

Sound Medicine:        Deep transformation is occurring.   Rainstick Medicine is used over your crown and I hear “dehydrated” – the earth and her humans are dry after the Summer heat.    So hydrate, nourish, fill the well to overflowing in whatever way that speaks to you.

Remedy:       Say YES to life, love, hugs, to what feels good, to food that nourishes your soul, to baths, walks on the beach + to more water.  YES opens the energy channels.    Notice the difference when you say NO.

Essential Oil Remedy:        A drop of Eucalyptus EO on a tissue and breath it in deeply to wake every cell of your being UP to say YES to aliveness.  If you can’t ‘see’ a situation or issue  clearly rub Eucalyptus at the base of your skull  to say YES to clarity (note for self).

I am told here you know what you want.  You really do.

In closing:

You’ve been so good at shedding, clearing out, cleansing your old stuff haven’t you?  But this can also leave you feeling a little ‘low’ in energy.  Dedicate April to nurturing yourself by adding in something daily that will fill your cup.
Feeling nurtured in body, mind + spirit you’ll find curiosity + inspiration will come calling.   And you will be ready.  Now go nuture yourself.


Louise Hays ‘You can Heal your Life’
Robbie Zeck ‘Blossoming Heart’ ~ Aromatic Kinesioloy
Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil (cos it’s Aussie)

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