March Spirit Blessings 2018

Keep life simple.  If it’s not simple + practical then it’s excess and March may just call you to continue to clear out so you can anchor + align.    
The theme for March is “simplicity”….and with this theme only the heart was a priority.
Short, sweet + simple.


LOVING HEART:  If your still feeling weary of body + mind I wonder have you released the challenges of 2017 yet? 

Remedy:          Create space to do a Fire Ritual.
Write down ALL the stresses of 2017 and how it affected you.
Hold the paper in your hands + blow the energy of 2017 and how  you’re feeling into the paper to release it from you.  Do as many times as you feel you need.
Light a candle and burn burn burn the paper in essence burning off / purging everything away. 
When the paper is but ash…  Sit in silence.  Exhale the inner ash held in the lungs.
I feel an internal pressure building in your heart and was called to bring in the Hawaiian Healing Mantra of Ho oponopono 

Remedy:    Imagine a person or situation that’s causing stress.
I recited the mantra whilst reiki-ing your heart which delved deep for heart healing for self-forgiveness.  When you recite a mantra it is sacred so it must be said ‘with heart’.

“I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me, Thank You….”

Use in meditation or chant aloud until a sense of harmony returns to the heart.  I drum over your heart till I feel the energy shift.

In closing:

Your heart guides me to something you’ve been procrastinating about.
We’ve all got distractions,  we all make excuses and we all have responsibilities that take our best energy away from our goals or whatever it is that we truly want to be doing.
So when the next pesky distraction arises take a moment to shine your light on it and see it for what it truly is.  Is it avoidance, fear or a projection?  Why are you allowing this over-ride your dreams?

Use March’s theme of simplicity to continue to clear, burn, purge and shed what is no longer needed, what’s in excess and what’s in you way.  Step forth into this new month with simplicity + practicality.  And let the rest go.



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