February Spirit Blessings 2018

Wowsa, what a day to decide to do your reading + healing!   February’s theme is L.O.V.E

I ‘m drawn back to 1st January and WOW haven’t you been cleansing + clearing!  An Epsom Salts bath will support this work.  I am drawn to your eyes which are aching from a weariness from always seeking to be your best.    Let your mantra be “I AM ENOUGH” and just perhaps we are to simply look at ourselves with loving eyes this month?  To speak to ourselves with a loving voice?  And to treat ourselves as our most loved soul mate?

Let’s begin..

Throat:   It’s you who has been blocking your divinity isn’t it?  I’m shown an image of you standing at the threshold of 2018 held back by the dregs of old ways, beliefs + patterns long overdue for clearing.  I Reiki the eyes + throat together til I feel an ‘unwinding’ happening.

Remedy:      Write down

  • What dregs need to be eliminated
  • What is the numero uno way that you stop your light from shining
  • The hateful judgements you make about yourself
  • All the ways you stop your divine love from flowing

Burn the list with the full intention that it’s time to let this go.

What are you consciously + lovingly wishing to create in February?  And now you can step onto your pathway for February.

Creative Womb:         

When you treat with yourself with love + respect you feel good…simple really!  The Rose Quartz is your healing crystal for February.

Remedy:  Place Rose Quartz over the womb (or Hara for men) at night with the hands on top, breathing a nurturing, loving + healing breath in and sigh the day away. 

Loving Heart:

Have you found the love for 2018 yet?   There is a sense of hesitancy that’s coming from the inner child.  Holding the Rose Quartz over the heart I talk to the child tenderly.  She wonders can she really have everything she wants?  I hold till the adult you takes the child into your arms with unconditional love + kindness.  And the heart ‘clicks’ into 2018.

Remedy:      Cleanse your crystals under the moonlight till Sunday and the next time you visit your healer take your Rose Quartz with you so it can be lovingly balanced to you.    If childhood issues use your Rose Quartz + ask what the inner child needs and give her the love you crave.    Rose Quartz is warming, heartening + gives a sense of security.   Great for preps with their first month of school!

Wisdom Mind:
I rest Rose Quartz over the 3rd eye and balance 3rd eye to the heart.  It’s like the wise part of your mind hasn’t aligned yet with your heartfelt vision for 2018.  I clear past life + present day worries.  Finally I ‘pull out’ any stories stuck here from 2017.

Remedy:          I sense you have really just forgotten how fecking brilliant, amazing, beautiful, inspiring + incredible you are.   Just stop it.  Really. 

Make a list of:

  • What is unfinished in your life, relationships, home + career.
  • What is ending.
  • What or who you are pulling away from.

Notice what arises this month as what is ready to be eliminated, deleted, dealt with or healed will present.  Notice how this makes you feel.  Cos if it’s pushing your buttons, making you feel sad, lonely, hurt or unloved – then this issue needs your loving attention.

In closing:

By beginning with the throat I sense there is deep change occurring within you that you may not be aware of just yet.  The healing was heavy within itself.  But at the end of the healing I feel your energy as taller, lighter +  more queenly.  Your eyes feel bright but a break from night time scrolling may help 🙂
I sense you now feel ready to step into the month of love… connected to your true power, your true source.  Connected to the power from the universe + the earth.  You are ready.

I would love to know what you are ready for…… cos it feels very exciting!



2 thoughts on “February Spirit Blessings 2018

  1. Susanne! As always thank you so much for your incredible insights.wow! you make me think and want to change:)
    Susanne, I dont know what my divinity is or what it means , but, I know I am constantly blocking “things”in my life….I dont know how I can really be free enough to be me!?…but i yearn for it so desperately…wow i’m confused….my blockages are so deep and so old and so drenched in fear….I really dont want them anymore! (funny that lol!)
    I will try and follow your advice and one of these days when the bills stop rolling in! I would so like a healing from you…soon! You are amazing. Thank you so much for all the healing and help on this life’s journey..you have made such a difference xoxo You are amazing:)

    1. Oh thank You dear one. A healing would shift alot of those blocks… but I understand about the $$
      What does your heart desire?

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