January Spirit Blessings 2018

A mini reading for mid – late January.

No insight has come to me for a Spirit Blessing reading yet so that’s why you haven’t heard from me.  But last night I received insight that I needed to send you thru this.

I seem to run on a very different calendar from others, I believe that Summer is for celebration of the harvest of 2017, having fun, slow living, chilling out, lazy days, beach, walks, friends, family and reading.   Allow the inspiration for 2018 to come when it comes rather than forcing it.   But still pay attention to what is calling you or what isn’t.

Up until now we have energetically only dipped our toes into the year but by Chinese New Year many will feel that the year has begun for real.  And some (like me) will feel it more when the wheel turns toward Autumn.

So here are my tips for the rest of Jan to support you to dip + dive in…

2018 January Summer Tips:

Book a reflexology or leg + foot massage to ground you by drawing you out of your head and down into the body.  Your feet + legs are going to be busy this year so give them a little love.   This will also calm the nervous system + mind just in case you are resisting the change from 2017 to 2018.

Venture off into different areas or streets for your morning or evening walk to change the scenery + be very aware of where you mind is wandering off to as well.

Visit the library and take out some books (fiction plus self-development) for a relaxing day of reading rather than scrolling thru the phone.

Get away from the city for a weekend or a day and don’t go to where you have always go.   Go somewhere new.  It’s about getting away from the known into the unknown.

Book a hairdressing appointment  nothing says January more than a new do!  Personally I leave it to February just before I begin teaching but you may be called to try a new style.  Begin to gather images that you like to take to your stylist.

Chill in the lull if you are feeling called to do absolutely nothing but relax.  Then that is what you must do.  The lull exists to allow your entire being to rest after a huge 2017.  Don’t push thru.  Hit the pause button and smile.

Detox your EVERYTHING with the inspiring Marie Kondo method of tidying.  I’ve been slowly decluttering my home with bags of ‘stuff’ being delivered to the Salvos.    Detox one thing from your diet, detox your diary, phone, computer +  emails.  Create space for new ideas + inspiration to come so that you may walk forward with ease of body + mind.

Do something you wanted to do all last year but were just too busy like go to the museum, art gallery, botanical gardens, a movie, play or whatever.  Just do something that has always called to you but life got in the way.

Continue to tidy up loose ends by finishing what you started in 2017 to free up space for a fresh start.

When the inspiration comes – take a deep breath, smile and follow it with an open heart + mind.




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  1. Thank you again Susanne:) I was thinking about you and then you sent the massage! how do you do that:)
    I hope you are well
    love and hugs and thanks

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