November Spirit Blessings….

Shifting the stagnation to reveal clarity, truth,  inspiration, creative surges and something new coming your way.  Thank You Madame Scorpio!

A recap of October…  I invited you to trust yourself more!  In November when you hear yourself saying ‘I don’t know’….silently ask yourself ‘what if I did know’?  And listen to that.

Healing with Rosemary:

Rosemary EO with it’s penetrating scent calls to me as the herb of the ancestors, remembrance + reflection which is perfect with the sacred days of early November.  The veil between the living + unseen world is thin so for those who’ve had loved ones passed over – this is the time to call them in for support, guidance, connection and gratitude.


Use fresh Rosemary in your cooking, as a bookmark (smells amazing when you open the book), scattered in your bath, herb tea, stop + smell the Rosemary on your walks or use Rosemary instead of flowers.  Rosemary EO in your burner, infuser or a drop on a tissue popped into your bra.     Rosemary bursts thru stagnation of the right brain and brings it back to creating again.        

Throat (Vishuddi) Chakra:

Reiki + Rosemary over the throat inspires dreaming about + creating a life that you love to look at.  The Question is ‘are you living your life or one that someone else wanted for you’?  

The centre of self-expression asks you to heal unresolved issues (age 35-40) which may already be presenting.  No time like the present to finish unfinished biz. 


Place a drop of Rosemary on your hands, rub them together to energize them and place your fingers lightly around your throat.

Exhale –  Chant OM with the intention to shift stagnation.  
Inhale – blue light into the throat to open + heal.

Chant + apply a gentle pressure thru the fingers to feel the vibration – cleansing + releasing. 
If you feel warmth or pain in the body – take the opposite hand there + chant for healing.

Follow the cues from the body.  Memories may surface.  The chant may change in sound, grow scratchy, uneven or ugly.  Continue until it softens naturally into a space of silence.

Finish with palming the eyes + inhale Rosemary as you reflect on what has surfaced.

In closing:

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.  And sometimes we just get bloody stuck up a tree.  Rosemary will help you get unstuck, take action, rise up, speak your mind and  charge your batteries.    It is a month of remembering our ancestors and I like to ask myself ‘Am I being a good ancestor’?  Are you?