December Spirit Blessings

As soon as I tune in I can only say ‘WOW’ and not quite in a good way.  Have you been burning the candle at both ends?  Have you been pushing, pulling + forcing life?  Have you taken on too much?  What have you been doing to yourself?  That ends today.  Pronto!!!!!

A recap of November …  Finish what you have begun that is still unfinished.  A key theme that still needs your attention is charge your batteries.   Feeling a little weary huh?

Healing with Mandarin:

It’s sweet citrus scent unwinds the nervous system restoring inner calm.  Mandarin has been called upon to heal the effect that 2018 has had on you… on all levels.   


Inhale:  Mandarin
Exhale: Unbind.  Unwind.  Unbound  =   freedom, space, breath, balance = feeling good.

Pop a drop on a tissue + inhale, diffuse at home, spritz your work space + car, add  a drop to a carrier oil + massage it into your skin after a shower or have a Banana Mandarin smoothie.

Healing with the colour Orange:    I see a theme!

When Mandarin presented I knew the colour needed would be a slightly deeper + warmer Orange to assist with inhalation, inflammation + immunity.  Did you linger with an illness in 2018 and are you still feeling a little weary?  Orange is here to remind you to Mother Bear yourself….  that’s actually an order not a gentle reminder.


Bring the healing power of Orange in with juice, foods, smoothies, accessories, flowers + visualization.  Notice when Orange pops into your line of vision – drink it in with your eyes + breath.    Stop + sniff the Orange Blossoms on your walks.   

3rd eye healing with Orange:

Orange restores a sense of lightness to the mind because you’ve been fixating a lot on stuff you do not need to be fixating on.  It’s done and dusted but your mind didn’t receive that memo.

Orange + Reiki cleanse the 3rd eye…   I hold here until my heart sighs deeply.    Let GO.

I am being told you have so much goodness in your life and so much to look forward to…   let the gifts of Citrus turn you towards that…

The Reiki moves to the heart with swirls of Pink + Orange light moving thru the front of the heart + in time this festival of colour trickles into the back of the heart.   And I hear the word…. completion.

In closing:

Sometimes we gaze outwards at our life with jaded eyes.  After such a big year we need a helping hand to freshen things up and Orange will help with this.  And you can support yourself by taking a few days off from the world to re-calibrate….. can’t you?

Trust my words when I say that if you do this….  you will feel the nervous system unwinding and the heart being unbound.
Until all feels spacious within and you INHALE deeply + fully a new sense of joie de vivre for the remainder of 2018.   And that my love.  Is good medicine