Why go to Alice Springs?

Here are my top 3 reasons as to why I choose to visit Alice Springs on my Desert Awakenings Tour.  

No. 1.     Alice Springs or Mparntwe in Arrernte has the most sacred sites in all of the glorious Northern Territory.     When we journey to Alice Springs as opposed to just flying in to Yulara we begin to have an understanding of the connection to country and culture with awareness, sensitivity, open minds and respect.

No. 2.   Being in Alice Springs is like stepping back in time where life moved at a slower pace and that feels so good when you come from the big city!    Alice Springs offers us time to unwind, breath and connect.  If you fly straight into Yulara you keep that big city energy within you and you’ll find yourself power walking around Uluru missing the spiritual awakening that comes when you slow down…

Alice Springs brings you into Outback Time so you can enjoy the journey.

No. 3.   Alice Springs is the heart and soul of the outback and Uluru is the spiritual heart of Australia.  The two go together…    You cannot have one without the other…in my opinion.

On a spiritual level a journey to the heart takes time for it cannot be rushed and that is the same for our journey to the spiritual heart of Australia – Uluru.    The road to the heart is long but you are never bored, red desert, shrubs, sunshine, blue skies, wildlife and  sisters…

If you fly in to Yulara you miss that journey of that descent from the head to the heart.  It’s a process, it takes time and as you drive along the desert road you will find your mind quietening, your heart opening, anticipation blossoming and in that beautiful space when you first see Uluru….  when she rises up in front of you…. you may find yourself crying with a deep soul connection that cannot be explained.

That’s why we come to Alice Springs….  she helps us to prepare for the journey to the heart, one of awakening, connection, remembrance, respect and love.

Desert Awakening is more than a tour – it is a journey for the soul…
If you would like to Journey with us in 2019 we have 4 spaces left ….