Your 2019 scent…

I love creating a vision board to bring clarity in a visually appealing way for my dreams and visions for the year ahead.    But in Twenty19 I felt something new was needed so I created Dreaming + Creation 1/2 day Retreat where we’ll create our our own signature scent for the new year.     
Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sense we have and it recognizes an scent immediately.    For example when you inhale the stunning aroma of an old fashioned Rose it directly affects your central nervous system and sends a message to the brain restoring balance to mind, body + spirit – the whole person.

Each time you wear your sacred scent you’ll instantly re-align to your word, vision, dream and presence.   It’s that quick! 

Join myself and my mentor Laura (herbalist, aromatherapist + owner of Harriet Herbary) in an unique, fun, lighthearted, inspirational and loving way to create a year that makes you want to live it wholeheartedly.

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