Raindrops ~ Healing anxiety essence

Alchemical Essence ~  Raindrops ~ On a rainy Melbourne night I was guided to capture raindrops as ‘tears from heaven’ to create an anxiety essence and for deep heart healing.   Each time you take your essence you will continue to receive the reiki healing energy.
Raindrop Essence ~ a brief insight….

Botanical Ingredients:

Oats ~  calms the nervous system + re-builds your energy levels after heightened anxiety.
Hops ~ a relaxing sedative, restorative sleep, reduces anxiety and nervous tension.
Lemon Balm ~ a healing balm for a weary nervous system + overwhelmed mind.
Passionflower ~ soothes inner tension, anxiety + stress that leaves you unable to sleep.
Valerian ~ a gentle sedative with anti-anxiety properties.
Vervain ~ offering purification, protection, love and healing.
Vibrational Infusion:

Raindrops ~ tears from heaven to cleanse your heart from all the pain it has held in
Moonlight ~ gathering the power of the feminine for healing over 13 nights
Rose Quartz
~ heals a broken heart, calms emotional distress, soothes inner agitation,
Apache Tears ~ protects aura from absorbing negative energy that heightens anxiety
Smokey Quartz ~ grounds you when you are feeling mentally tormented.
Celestite ~ dissolves pain, relaxes muscle tension, calms the mind, brings in love.
Kunzite ~ when your feeling it’s ‘all in your head’, recover from emotional distress
Citrine ~ helps you to surrender the past.
Rhodonite ~ for healing from shock and trauma
Vodka + Sparkling Mineral Water ~ non-traditional but it felt right to bring effervescence in + suited the lemon taste!

Energetic Medicine:

The first intention of the healing was to re-balance your energy so that you may live your life as it wants to be lived – not to just survive another attack.    This essence will fill your spirit tank with hope, faith + trust that you’ll feel at peace within once more.

When you take your essence: 
The reiki energy will flow to where the healing is needed and offer gentle reassurance.
With consistent use I sense a very soft unravelling will occur of the nervous system resulting in a more peaceful heart.

Personal Prescription + insight sheet is included with each bottle :