Blood Moon Essence ~ I AM

Blood Moon ~ I AM essence was created under the blood moon in July 2018 for the souls of women who were ready to awaken.  
Blood Moon Essence ~
a brief insight

Botanical Ingredients
Lady’s Mantle ~emotional focus
Blood Moon ~ inspiring change
Passionflower ~ tranquillity, calms inner tension that leaves you unable to sleep
Mugwort ~ dreaming + creation
Damiana ~ aphrodisiac
Rosemary ~ peaceful dreaming
Marjoram ~ Goddess Aphrodite, love, strength + union

Vibrational Infusion:
~ tears from heaven to cleanse your heart from all the pain it has held in + onto
July Blood Moon ~ change , balance, integration, healing shadows + issues with masculine
Spring Equinox + Luna blessing
~ balance, expansion, radiance, light, rise up, evolution
Rose Quartz ~ heals the heart, calms emotions, soothes agitation, restores harmony
Clear Quartz ~ intention crystal to align energy + intention for the day ahead
Vodka + Mineral Water
Energetic Medicine:
The bottles rested under the moonlight in a bowl of rose petals for 3 nights.
Wounds from this lifetime and up to 4 lifetimes past will surface for healing.  It’s time to clear this.    It will re-instate your  ‘I AM-NESS’, your power, your liberty, your truth and you are SOOO ready for this shift.

When you take your essence:
Before taking your essence reflect on your intention for the day ahead.  Affirm I AM courageous, I AM at peace, I AM confident etc.   Trust the word that comes…..

Reiki in a bottle


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