Desert Alchemical Essence ~ Soul Alignment

Desert Alchemical Essence was birthed on Friday 13th under a moon calling for new beginnings offering deep heart awakening + soul alignment for creativity, passion + joy. 

Desert Alchemical Essence ~ a brief insight…
Desert calls upon the energy of the sacred lands of Mbuntua, Watarrka, Uluru, Kata Tjuta for healing…

Botanical Ingredients
Oat Straw ~  nourishes the heart + nerves, re-builds energy + brings in ancestral energy
Lemon Myrtle ~ reduces stress held in the mind + body, soothes anxiety + nervous tension.
Vervain ~ offers purification, protection, love and healing.
Marjoram ~ improves digestion, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, uplifts mood
Lady’s Mantle ~ sends healing deeper into the body until it gets to where it needs to go.

Vibrational Infusion
Jade ~ cleanses toxins, rebinds cellular + skeletal system
Bloodstone ~
grounds the heart energy, supports the blood and removal of toxins, heals the ancestral line
Rose Quartz ~ replaces negative vibes with positive loving ones
Moonlight ~
gathering the power of the feminine for healing
Dawn Sky ~ the energy of a brand new day, the possibility of a new beginning

Energetic Medicine:   

The Reiki healing energy released old stresses for a new flow of life force into the brain to re-wire it a new way of thinking to align you more deeply and completely to your heart.

You will feel yourself awakening to a new soul vision.  During this time it is vital you allow yourself to slow down as you re-claim lost aspects of you.   Do more of what restores your colour, voice, wonder + awe. Create a more simple life so you can find joy each day – if only for a moment.   When you re-claim your power you can claim your future.

As you awaken to your power + beauty that is….as unique as the Australian Desert.

Reiki in a bottle

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