July theme is “step up + just do”

And in the act of doing rather than staying stuck you may just experience a shift or on a grander scale ”transformation’.  July is a bridge month between early + late 2016.   So is all well on the bridge?
Or have you stalled and fallen off the bridge and your now laying on your back like a cockroach who has been sprayed with Mortein?.
Or are you ready to leap off the bridge but your feet feel like they are in concrete?

Are you feeling stagnant, cranky, peed off, impatient, discouraged and failing in life…   the good news is regardless of the drama in the world or Canberra or in your own mind you will soon re-discover your mojo and will naturally start walking off that damn bridge.

Acts of supreme love:

  • Feed your mind with with nourishment not drama
  • Turn the TV off + read a book instead
  • Go to a movie, art gallery, botanical gardens + walk in the city
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Book a healing to clear the mind
  • Just do something instead of wallowing in negativity
  • Craving security + stability?  Give it to yourself – create a calm mind, heart + life
  • Re-read 2016 intentions – is there anything that needs to be completed?  Do it!
  • Move your body to move your energy
  • Be fabulous every day
  • Book a spring retreat to unblock, unload + undo

Clarity will be restored, inspiration will flow, peace will reign supreme later in the month and this will be more evident to those who endured the dark nights of the soul.  Transformation is not always easy or pleasant……but it feels amazing on the other side of the bridge.

Go forth into a bright new world my love.