Tips my mother told me…

In the 1960’s my mum wore a Sari with a dot on her forehead and was called ‘Shivani’ and every other day she wore leotards and fishnet stockings and stood on her head on TV!    
I was raised in a world of yoga, ayurvedic medicine, health through food + natural medicine and healing through rest, shiatsu, acupuncture and reiki.   Going to a western doctor was a last resort and antibiotics were the anti-christ.  I was taught that my health + healing was in my hands (my responsibility) and I live by that today.

I would be picked up from school by my nanny and the Swami’s living with us and they would chant my name until I eventually slunk over dying from embarrassment (whilst everyone else was in awe of men in orange robes).  To complete my shame they would then chant the entire trip home with the windows down.  Arrrggghh!

The Nun’s accused Mum of being in a cult called ‘yoga’ and for my sake they wanted her to stop teaching.  Knowing how yoga could help people she ignored their small mindedness.  In the 1980’s they asked Mum to teach yoga in our school.  Go figure!

Mum lived in India at a time when women did not work outside the home let alone travel to exotic destinations.  She loved to wag classes to wander off in search of a good Masala Chai often spending time with mysterious gurus (one who was the guru to a fab four).  

No Oil of Olay for Mum!  She created RAW beauty with fruit, yogurt, honey +  aloe vera – if it came from the earth she would use it.  She was trendy before RAW beauty was trending.       

Mum was new age before new age was born.  My auntie + Mum much to my horror would wave pendulums  over their food and it would be sent back if it was devitalized.   Whilst today this would be not unusual you got to remember this was the 60’s + 70’s!

She has never been sick and is probably one of the most positive people I know.  Mum taught me the power of self-care, doing what you love, taking time away to go on a retreat, to never waste time with guilt, to live life according to a new better set of rules and be yourself!. 

Here are some of her  tips:


Splash cold water on your face + eyes to cool the heat after sleep
Aloe Vera is good for a face masque, serum, primer or to heal skin damage
Use coconut oil for body, face, hair and for oil pulling
Hair must be shiny at all times – it is your crowning glory

Use a tongue scraper every morning + wash your mouth out before drinking water
Drink 3-5 glasses of water to hydrate after your sleep
Add lemon to water to wake your senses + systems up
Having an afternoon relaxation will help you get thru anything

Chant OM repetively to babies to calm them down
All children benefit from yoga – keep them in classes until puberty
Massage children’s feet to calm them down for sleep
Massage aids in relaxation + re-connects you if you’ve been at work or away

Food and Drink:
Create balance with healthy food + junk (so that it’s not craved)
Introduce different foods into the families to broaden their minds + taste buds
Don’t diet or feel guilty – eat everything and enjoy it and the next day go quiet

Love it – buy it in every colour
You can never have enough shoes or  clothes
You must always look your best and have earrings to match

In Sickness:
If your sick – you need to rest in bed not on the couch watching TV
Nourish your sick body with foods that comfort the soul
Trust your body and give it time to get well
If you are loving to your body it will love you back

What are the tips you will rememeber from your Mum?  I would love to know….
Pop a few in the comments section…


4 thoughts on “Tips my mother told me…

    1. It was pretty unusual and it wasn’t until I was really into my 40’s that I began to get how incredible it was and how amazing she was.
      Now I am pleased that I had such opportunities – I don’t think I would be the healer/teacher I am today without it.

  1. I always loved it when your mum joined in our yoga classes – she is an inspiration.
    One day, when I was complaining about a change in my body (I can’t remember what or why), my mum told me that a woman’s body changes every day of her life – and I got it that that’s what it means to be a woman, and to accept the cycles and the flow of change – physical and otherwise …

    1. Hi Naomi…
      I love your mother’s wisdom…and her way of looking at change. Mum always said to me “your body is your friend – take care of it like you would your best friend”…
      Ahhh those were the days when she bought lolly’s to class!

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