Why do you cry in yoga?

Perhaps when the teacher says the exact thing I need to hear?   
How many times have you been in a yoga pose and the tears flow and all of the emotion and feelings related to those tears bubble up.  And you wonder to yourself….why am I crying?  Well, here are my thoughts…

In our busy time poor life we put our emotions and feelings to the side to express or feel at a more suitable time.  Whilst others learned in childhood to suppress their emotions to stay in control or stay safe.  And others will feel that they are being silly to be so upset.

The reasoning may be different but whatever is not felt and expressed gets buried down into the body waiting for the right time for you to feel + heal and that right time may be when you are at yoga in the perfect pose when your feeling safe, relaxed and hopefully out of your head and the pose reaches into where the stuck energy is gently dislodging it.

Emotional release can be a week or month in the making with situations and people triggering you with the end result your on the mat crying.  It’s OK cos your simply releasing energy that is ready to be released.

It could be that when your in your pose you realize how much you need yoga and miss it when you don’t go.  This can happen when we care for the needs of others at the exclusion of our own self-care.    If the teacher is intuitive they will pick up energy and you will find them saying the exact thing at the exact moment needed for you to release those tears!

Crying in a supported pose may mean that you need more support or feel very alone.
Forward bends may mean you need to take time to heal a certain heart issue.
Pose of Relaxation tells you that your soul is weary – take a sabbatical from your busy life
Bridge may suggest there is anger under the tears…

So when this happens to you:
Don’t get caught up in why you are crying and the story behind it instead allow the tears to flow and know that the tears come from your soul and are healing..   Tears need to flow so try to resist wiping them away because you will loose the moment as soon as you do.    Keep breathing and let be.

After class don’t rush home and onto the next thing ….go for a walk, go to a cafe, walk or if at night drive a bit further than home.

Ask yourself “What do you need to do more of”? and “What do you need to do less of”?
What do I need?  What do I want? Listen and give it to yourself before your next class.

Why wait…give it to yourself now.