May ~ Let the light in

May is a month of magic + mystery in the beautiful season of Autumn.  Just like the leaves are letting go + falling softly to the earth…  we too may feel a sense of ‘letting go, shedding or the need to rest.

May Relaxation + Healing ~ Cells of Light.…   21.15mins
A gentle integrative experience focusing on the breath + upper body with key points for the brain + 7th chakra inviting calmness, focus, awareness, conciousness + freedom.

Emotional Pain Point Visualization + Healing.…  36.35mins
There are key areas within the body where trapped emotions are held + felt as discomfort, pain, stress, fear + anxiety etc..   In this journey we will move thru these gently releasing the block + inviting healing in thru colour , breath, visualization + awareness.

Sun Breath…. 12.42mins…
This is perfect for those who wear a mask, experiencing heart or other health issues or are finding that they do not feel themselves…    You can imagine the sun or stand underneath it do this breath.

Choose one that speaks to you + try to do at least one per week.

For the last few days I have been in need of hearing + feeling the Yidaki (Didgeridoo) and Send in the Drums  is a blend of African + Aboriginal sound with feet in the dirt type of vibe.  Get grounded, bounce, shake + shift that shitty emotional toxicity out.

Spiritual Toolbox for May
Lemon Myrtle to lift your mood so that you may be your own positive influence…
Meditation by walking with awareness, chanting, breathing, candle gazing,
thought awareness (who would I be without this thought) + practice being present in the NOW.