Sun Breath for Healing…

I am called to share a few different Sun Breath practices to offer support if you’ve  been feeling a deep level of exhaustion, depressed, ungrounded, scattered, fatigued in the afternoon, mentally dull, experiencing brain fog + pain issues.

I recorded this outside under the sun (so excuse the planes).
Tilt your face to the sun + breathe….and yes you can do this on those grey days as the power is in the sun + your mind!!!

If you go for a morning walk take a moment to stop, face the sun + breathe in the solar rays for healing, nourishment + joy.   Walk sans sunnies for a glorious dose of Vit D thru the eyes.

I’ve been seeing clients in person over the last few weeks and many have mentioned their levels of exhaustion, feel mentally unwell + that they no longer feel themselves…
Please remember here in Victoria we have been thru extreme stress + sometimes rest will be the best medicine.  You are unraveling from holding on tight.   These breathing practices will support you to create sunshine in your body, mind + life..

click here for your dose of sunshine healing