Reiki Healing changes your mind

A reiki healing will liberate the mind of chatter, stories, fears, self-doubt and nasty little conversations going on in the deep dark recesses of your mind and freedom will follow.

When the mind is calm + clear then everything changes for the better.

So many clients are presenting over the last few weeks totally hooked into drama, negative thinking, issues and worries.  Some of it isn’t even their stuff but still they stay hooked into it like a bad reality TV show.

And it’s so hard to step outside of it, you will find yourself doing one thing but your mind is totally off into drama.  All this does is leave you feeling tired and little energy to change things.

If you are no longer sleeping well because your mind won’t stop, your anxiety is out of control and you are completely burnt out.  Then a Reiki Healing “Change your Mind”  with long holds on key stress points of the spine, nervous system, head, face, neck, shoulders and last but not least the feet to ground you will help shift that shite.

I intuitively work to unwind and soothe the busy mind and give you key tips on what you need to do for YOU.

Get out of your head + be in your heart to discover a fresh outlook on your life.
In 1hr you can change your mind from doom + gloom to one that is clear + calm.  The choice is yours!   

What’s included:
Reiki Healing Energy
Written + taped insights

$100 – 1hr treatment

Infinity Natural Wellbeing – 227 Nelson Place Williamstown

Change your energy ~ Change your life! 

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