Spirit Blessings ~ September

I spent a few hours on this healing and reading as YOU needed it and so did I.  


I’m not talking about forcing rather an inner force that presents as a deep knowing of what needs to be done, said, heard, acted upon or left alone in that moment.  This life force is often experienced in a crisis where you roll up your sleeves and get on with it without question.  When you know there is no room for doubt!  This is your life force.  

It’s time for a gentle liver + gallbladder cleanse especially if  you’ve been experiencing headaches, fatigue, sore eyes and irritability.  Release toxicity and you will be on purpose rather than off track.   Add Basil EO to your day with a dose of warmth, space and solitude.

Intuitive Creative Womb:

Have you wanted to give up?
I’m shown an image of Jesus carrying the cross symbolizing you carrying the load.  Is this how you feel?  Your heart is so exhausted from this!  It’s one thing to give and support BUT if you are sacrificing your own values, dreams, aspirations, creativity, self-care, happiness and feel resentful then WHY?

You put down the cross and lifetimes of guilt, grief and loss fill the heart “I must make it easier for everyone else”.   I stay til I hear “NO this isn’t my role” and life force floods into your heart.  I strengthen the womb + heart connection with orange light + medicine drum.

Be laser focused when your inner martyr arises – why is she there?  control or self-worth?  
Put the cross down and get your shoulders massaged – feels so good!
Let others learn self-responsibility ~ so empowering for you and them.

Loving Heart:

There is an ache in the front + back of your emotional heart that has blocked your spiritual insight for your future.    This blockage takes me back 10 lifetimes and I stay till we return to the present.  Golden life force flows through your heart and your entire being is re-aligned.


Seek to find your voice speak up for what you believe in to enhance your life force
Your heart is being unveiled so you may cough more + feel tired – rest up.
No mistakes have been made this winter only lessons learned
Your loving heart ‘knows’ at all times – it’s your head that doesn’t.  Choose your heart.

Wisdom Mind:

What’s pressing down on you?  I use a blue light to clear + lift the head and hear “stop doubting your wisdom and knowledge” it’s blocking your throat + 3rd eye chakra.  It’s time to heal this….and you know it.


Cut back on caffeine (sorry) and social media.
Simplify your life to feel peace – being busy and doing more brings no peace into life.
Add moments of meditation, contemplation or silence – it will feel so nice!
Write down what you need to say to someone.  Read it out loud and notice what you feel.

Final thoughts:

Mother Nature will continue to offer us a tantalizing spring day between wild winter days.  She doesn’t rush from one season to the next and nor should you.  Follow her lead and seek her out to simplify life…she is a wonderful healer.

Every day seek to enhance your life force by being in flow with your sacred feminine essence.  A life force like no other.  2017 calls for us to embrace and enhance our feminine life force.


This months tools orange colour essence, basil essential oil, Robbie Zecks’ Blossoming Heart Aromatic Kinesiology, Inna Segal’s Secret Language of the Body and my beloved medicine drum.


4 thoughts on “Spirit Blessings ~ September

  1. Hi Suzanne been a long time but would love to book in for a spiritual reading x Tess

  2. Hi Susanne
    thank you so much for this reading and healing, quite amazing! So accurate in terms of whats going on!! even to having sore shoulders and wondering if past life effects my behavior at times?! Would love to learn more. Thank you for always leading me back to my heart…the old head doesn’t make much sense these days:)
    Blessings, hugs and love
    Deni xo

    1. Hello there friend,
      I am sure our past life does affect our current life but I always believe this lifetime is what we need to deal with. I always believe our ancestry plays a big part too. Convict, Settler, Indigenous, Migrant, Slave…. All plays out in a cellular memory even hundreds of years later.
      Big hugs back

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