EMERGENCE ~ the wisdom of menopause

A deep immersion into the sacred journey of menopause with Susanne Calman

A menopausal woman is not something to be ‘managed’, denied, suppressed so she can just go off quietly and be invisible.

It’s thru the times of darkness, feeling lost, fuzzy heads, discomfort, being unsure and no longer willing to put up with crap that you have tolerated for way to long that that the seeds of your future self will be discovered.

Women in mid-life are like the perennial who blooms once more after discovering the  mysteries of this most spiritual life cycle which can be life changing.

The secret wisdom of menopause will help you navigate the change..  The secret is to understand that it is YOU my dear that is changing.

The patriarchal society had demanded we hurry these transformational cycles of women up (just look at childbirth and menstruation).  Make it less messy, more contained, more controllable.    What has this done to us?

The issues you had with your feminine health don’t go away they lay in wait to be healed and cleared at the right time which is often menopause.  Why wait?

But men-o-pause asks us to listen to the wisdom, power + truth of our body, heart + female soul.  Your body speaks loudly through menopause and if you just pop a pill you are in effect telling it to ‘shut up’.    I want to show you how to listen to your body and trust it’s wisdom.

The Feminine is rising in 2017 and for women of the midlife it is your time to be Re-birthed as the WILD WISE WOMAN.

What I share with you at Emergence is what I’ve discovered on my own journey of  spiritual menopause.   I’ve been waiting until divine timing to share this work and now is the time.

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