Spirit Blessings Reiki Healing ~ October

The time is NOW!
So what are you waiting for?
Wow you are ready for this reiki healing aren’t you?

I’m drawn to reiki the eyes but the stress is felt in the heart which has been holding on and in as there is a gentle unwinding of the mental stress and issues that arose thru the month.

Have you been beating yourself up for a mistake or something you swore you would never do again? It’s ok.  Really it is.  Don’t punish yourself – it’s a violent act against yourself so STOP.  The lesson will arise again and then you can choose to do it differently…


A sense of feeling lost arises even tho there is something NEW on the horizon.
The heart needs so much reiki healing however I stay at the womb till I am shown an old wound from childhood aged 10 which I sense was a playground issue ~ a feeling of being alone and excluded from the friends zone.
Sinus issues may relate to this cellular memory as it really hurt your heart.  I think we can all relate to that!   I stay here till all feels calm….it’s a long wait.


Be with people who want to be with you.

Lean back and don’t ‘fall into’ another persons energy.  This offers you space and will help you to stay present rather than ‘drifting off’ in la la land.

The Oracle Card “Azure” is drawn.  Be under the Azure sky imagining it cocooning you in it’s light purifying your aura and reconnecting you to spirit.

Australian Bush Flower Essence “Cognis” x 10 drops for clarity.  Priority was Sundew Flower Essence for presence + focus.  I hold this over the heart until the energy shifts.


I rest my hands here and smile.   All is as it should be.  All you are experiencing now is right.  Trust that.  Your soul is guiding you.  I hear the words “I am LOVE”   –  let this be your mantra.

Inhale “I AM”       Exhale “LOVE”

There is only love and I stay here to energize the heart with reiki till your cup is overflowing.


Still coughing?  Book a massage/cupping/acupuncture to break this congestion up and yes it may worsen but better out than in.   The medicine drum breaks up stagnant energy.

Melissa Essential Oil  presents and I am guided to remind you of all the good you have in your life.  Give yourself the gift of grace and gratitude for all that you have and let it fill and feed your heart.   Massage this into your heart chakra see it warm and full with love.

Cherish this tender heart of yours this month wont you?


I am at the 3rd eye but your heart again is calling for healing.  I place a hand over both chakras holding till they have re-balanced.

Choose to focus on the love in your life and not the yaddah yaddah yaddah.

It’s the child within that needs healing we go back to 3, 5, 25 to current age.   I hold until they are a united front.


The inner child needs FUN!!!  STOP being so serious.  Be spontaneous, reckless even…throw caution to the wind and don’t make your bed…who knows what will happen.

Oracle Card “Blue” presents (there is a theme) to cool a hot head and once this clears I am guided to say  ‘The time is NOW’ to laugh, love and live.

Medicine Tools:
Oracle Cards “The Secret Language of Colour Cards” by Inna Segal
Australian Bush Flower Essences
Essential Therapeutics Aromatherapy Oils
Medicine Drum and Sound Bowls
Sekhem vibrational coloured bottles
The Blossoming Heart by Robbie Zeck

Final Thoughts

When you find yourself putting the brakes on remember ‘the time is NOW’.

Put your life on a health kick and feed yourself that which tastes good and enhances your energy and simply remove from the plate what makes you feel tired, heavy and yuk.

And wear blue, see blue, breath blue.

Have a fabulous month.



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