Reflections 2017

Take the morning off, slow down + allow yourself to be nurtured with the sacred gifts of
Feminine Spirit Yoga + Sound Massage.  

For many years I’ve been teaching a New Years Eve yoga class.  But 2017 has been like riding on an out of control roller coaster ride which has many feeling ungrounded, exhausted + overwhelmed.  And then the Festive Season arrives yelling “TaaDahh”
I want to change how we enter into this time.  Let’s do it differently this year?

Reflections 2017
Reflect over 2017 + release the effort it’s taken….
Re-align your body’s rhythms
Revel in the exquisite healing sounds of the bowls
Reclaim your spark + the joy of Christmas…

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Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from specially made metal singing bowls and gongs applied to the body in a direct way (placed on a dressed body) or indirectly (auric field).  When a treatment is done inner harmony and balance is restored through a deep relaxation process and brain synchronization.

Kindred Studios, Harris Street Yarraville
Sunday 3rd December 10-11.30am