November Spirit Blessings

The time is right ….  of what I am not sure but I know that you know.  Don’t you?

I start this healing at the throat but quickly feel the upper body, head all requiring attention.  This is a time of assimilation for you.  Instead of looking back at the past and being bogged down in it.  Use it and all that you are because of it to move you forward.

You can’t go back….  only forwards.  But you can choose to stay stuck there and never move forward!  It’s always a choice and even staying stuck is a choice.  But that peace of mind you desire, that love, that happiness your crave is not and will never be found in the past.   A shift in mindset with attitudes and beliefs is all that is needed.  Start with the one belief that’s holding you back and continues to cause you stress/difficulty.   Find an affirmation that creates a new belief for you to respond to and take 1 practical action step to get things moving.   And we are ready to go! 


I don’t want to…  I don’t want to….. I don’t want to….   What I ask?  I just don’t want to have to keep going.  Is it ever going to change?

This is old stuff, really old stuff.    Whatever you are going thru in life at the moment has been held here (and in your bones where we carry deep-seated pain) for ions until you are ready to deal with this.

I’m bent in half as I hold my hands here.  I’m guided to tell you to no matter what is going on for you to “stand tall and be a queen” …    Slowly your posture changes until you are standing tall and then I ‘see’ you flicking off lots of old energy.


Check in with your posture thru the day.  Are you standing tall or slumping in half?

Stand under the moonlight and shake your arms, legs, ass and let it all go.  Complete this with 3 deep breaths with the hands over the womb + blow the breath away.  Until you feel a shift of energy.

Spearmint Essential Oil to invigorate body + mind.  It’s so minty!!!
I did 10 yogic breathes with the oil until a felt a little more zing in your zang.

Set a daily intention before you even get out of bed to align energy + intention.   As soon as this presented your energy balanced immediately.  Change your energy – change your mind and vice versa!

How’s your calcium?  As this showed up for bone strength..   It’s important when taking your supplements to align energy + intention.  Affirm that the vitamin will regenerate, heal, bind, repair, energize, balance etc.. And then give thanks for it’s healing medicine.


Oh dear woman.  Your heart is still quite tender, there is joy and excitement too!

Let Mother Nature be your healer.  Go out into the spring air and let it brush your spirit free.   Take your shoes off and let your feet sink into the earth, reach your hands up to the heavens and INHALE to fill your cup with the power of mama earth.


I see you eating chocolate!   Sit + enjoy!  Taking small bites allowing the chocolate to melt in your mouth.  Savour the sweetness of the chocolate and of life!  Or can’t you do that?  
The secret is to enjoy sans guilt.  Chocolate when not used for emotional eating but for pleasure is nourishment.

Make a note of 10 things you can do this November to nourish your body + soul.

Ask yourself each day ‘what will bring me joy today’ and then gift yourself this.
Joy can be so elusive but it’s meant to be…. so when we have it we need to soak it up.

Your heart feels a little wary…   I’m guided to say here you need to trust.  And in saying that it may do your head in…..BUT tonight as you drift off to sleep rest your hands over heart and breath the quality of trust into your loving heart.


As soon as I focus here I feel your back round and pressure into the throat.   I feel it’s nothing more than the day to day pressures of a busy life.  I hold here imagining that I am releasing these from your mind.   You need to bring your loving heart and wisdom mind into alignment – they seem to be at loggerheads with an issue?.   Your heart knows but your mind is doubting.    I stay here till I feel a gentle pulse of connection between them both.
Until I am told “you got this”…


The Tikashi Oracle Card presents ‘HONESTY’    Be honest with yourself always.  Be honest in your thoughts.  When you feel yourself about to tell a white lie STOP, when you feel yourself about to embelish a story STOP, when you feel yourself about to belittle yourself STOP, when you feel your about to go on a ego trip STOP.
Tell your story honestly without bells and whistles.  Honesty is a gift to be valued.   Start to value yourself – honestly.

I smudge your 3rd eye chakra.  There has been a lot of searching going on.  Perhaps stop the search or the seeking and enjoy the month of passion “Scorpio”…  It’s a fun month to be alive, to catch up with friends, to socialize but keep in mind it’s also the sign of transformation so balance being a social butterfly with stillness + silence.

Medicine Tools:

Spearmint Essential Oil ~ If you are experiencing a weariness of body + mind then this is the oil for you.  As soon as you inhale it’s minty freshness you will feel a lift in energy.

Robbie Zeck’s  Blossoming Heart Aromatherapy Book “use spearmint to wake up, get moving, get excited, harness your energy, get your liver functioning and your mind into learning”   

Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of Colour Cards + Secret Language of your Body

I have used a homemade Smudge stick of Australian Bush leaves… but you can use Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or Incense.  Whatever calls to you.  But a good idea to do this week.

In closing:

You must trust.  You absolutely know what is right for you at this moment in time.  Whether anyone else feels it’s right or wrong is not the issue – it’s that you know it’s right for you.

Step into Nature as much as you can and let her be your friend, your confidante, your healer, your mother.   Stop on your walks in the morning to just breath and soak her up.

For those who are seeking relationship – around this week I suggest you get very clear and call him in.  For new business ventures clarity, action and a dash of daring is needed.  And last but not least everyone else…  find pleasure in your day.  Put your best clothes on, pull out your nanna’s crockery, enjoy a treat or three, buy a better quality wine, go for dinner and don’t choose the cheapest thing on the menu.

November is for living in the moment not dwelling in the past.


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