September themes …”Zen Out”

Spend the first two weeks of September doing everything you can to ground, anchor + relax to add more Zen into your life. 

The world feels chaotic!  Can you feel it too?

There was once a website called Ashley Madison where you could sign up to enjoy extra marital affairs without consequence.  But the universe has such a sense of humour because no action you take is without consequence or karma!
This is the perfect symbol for September ~ if you are focusing your energy on destruction, drama + chaos – then expect to hemorrhage  your life force.   If however, you put your energy into creating a more Zen life then you will be richly rewarded.

You just gotta trust that  ~ If something feels wrong – it is.  If something feels right – it is.

There is a breaking down of ‘old ways’ that are no longer deemed ‘right’…  we only need to look to Europe with their handling of the tidal wave of desperate human beings fleeing their homeland for a better life.  Perhaps what once felt right about turning the boats back perhaps now is not feeling quite so right – has the pendulum swung?
Collectively we must all look within our own hearts + wonder is there not another way?

Trends for September:

  • Don’t focus on the door that has closed – look for the one that is opening
  • When the tough get going – the going get tough (or something like that)
  • Keep an eye on your bigger picture for your life
  • Focus on your inner home with meditation, breathing, walking + yoga
  • Trust your intuition + gut instinct
  • Get clear with what or who keeps your small
  • Clear out a fear that has been holding you back
  • Have fun, be delighted with the simple things of life
  • Love yourself just the way you are
  • Don’t waste time on a guilt trip – book a real holiday
  • Have faith in yourself + the universe
  • Don’t get despondent when the temperature drops – rug up + do something
  • Take a risk even if the old you screams ‘stay safe’
  • Book a retreat ~ Transform your Life Retreat**

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2015 trends for September:
Self destruction + chaos turned inwards and you can soothe this by doing more to ground, anchor + relax.
Spring Detox – eliminate or reduce one addiction + or processed food that you know is not serving you.  i.e. social media, negative thinking, gossiping, TV, being a martyr, victim, drama queen, sugar, wheat, chocolate, wine-o-clock, dairy, coffee (nope only joking not coffee, wine or chocolate).  This is of vital importance if you are working to deepen your intuitive powers…because processed foods inhibit the intuitive brain.

In closing really focus on what + who is important and let the rest unfold….
You just got trust that it’s going to be all ok


Gratitude for Hunter Reynolds, Mystic Mama, Power Path, Living Now + Peta Tyler for their Sept insights that go into creating this for you.
How do I do this you ask?  I gather it all together and then tune in to what YOU need..
So that it can be kept simple + easy to follow..