Beauty Detox

After returning home from my Bali Retreat in July I should have been glowing but I actually felt quite toxic.   So I committed to a 31 day gentle detox and I thought you may find some benefit too.  

On our Bali Retreat we enjoy lot’s of fabulous treatments, we eat a very healthy diet and we practice daily yoga and relaxation that cleanses and releases deep seated tension + toxins.  So it’s important when one returns from a retreat to continue on with some gentle detox practices to release all that heavy winter stagnant energy. 

Top tips for gentle detox:

  • Reduce or eliminate one processed food for 1 month + notice the shifts
  • Stay out of other people’s business + put your nose into your business
  • Stay away from toxic people + drama
  • Do a weekend cleanse + detox with a water/juice/broth fast
  • Detox toxins via the skin with a sweat in the sauna + a Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Dry brush your skin daily in spring
  • Do a full body + face scrub once a week
  • Flush out your kidneys with filtered water
  • Eat Organic and you may notice you are more inspired to create nourishing meals
  • Organics will reduce your intake of toxic chemicals immediately
  • Intuition Nutrition – listen to your body and feed it what feels right
  • Eat more RAW + less processed to support whole body detoxification
  • Detox your mind by staying off social media, turning the TV off
  • Detox your aura by staying out of other people’s drama + gossip
  • Guided Relaxation cleanses the mind, heart + nervous system.
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  • Feminine Spirit Yoga is a powerful cleanser + healer.  Make the effort to try a class!
  • Get out into nature, walk barefoot, sit against a tree, lay on the grass
  • Reiki energetically detoxifies your entire being restoring lightness, clarity + freedom
  • Transform Your Life Retreat ~ an intimate for women retreat to rest, renew + reset.  Not everyone is suited to a hard core detox retreat and Feminine Spirit Retreats achieves deep and long lasting changes through body + soul nourishment.

So why would you want to detox?  You will feel a better version of YOU in every way.
You may find your moods will improve, your outlook + levels of energy.
You will never know if you don’t try.

I prefer one thing at a time to allow you to witness the shifts, to gain clarity about why you need to detox.

In closing; I don’t believe it needs be hard core or hard work.

You can make it easy or hard – the choice is yours.  Out of this list there will be one or two things you can begin with today.

What do you choose?  Let me know what one really works for you + why.

Need to chat?  Shoot me an email and let me see how I can support you further…