The theme for May is "INTEGRATION"

How did April leave you feeling?  Well it threw all of us out of our little nest of creature comforts leaving us wondering what the hell happened!

Have you ever emptied your handbag onto the table and been amazed at how much crap you have in there?  After you recover from the shock you begin to sort through it all working out what needs to be put back into the bag, what needs to be thrown out or filed elsewhere.
Yes its messy for awhile but it does feel pretty good to have a clutter free handbag and of course then you promise I will never let it get messy again (till the next time) Well; that my dear woman is May!    May is about sorting out your life!

If you are reading this post it will be about what has clouded your wisdom, intuition, knowledge, joy, beauty and vision for yourself.
If you find the same old stories of hurt, betrayal, trauma ~ this will be a very healing time for you because in May you can re-write a new story!
You will not be alone as your spirit will be guiding you; so pay attention to symbols + synchronicity from the universe.

May is about Beauty (sun sign in Taurus) because Taureans love beauty ~ so be mindful of what you are watching, eating and reading?
Where are you spending your time?  Do the environments bring out your best, nourish your senses, engage your spirit?

  • When you see something beautiful stop and really gaze upon it ~ breath it in
  • Spend time in the garden or at your favourite place in nature
  • Eat at the table using your best china + take time to set a beautiful table
  • Don’t feel the need to be involved in every argument
  • Do what will support and nourish your physical body
  • Give love to your body in the way you apply your moisturizer
  • Adore your body by being grateful for all that it has allowed you to do
  • Wear beautiful accessories to accentuate your true beauty
  • Enjoy bringing your look together each morning
  • Throw out clothes that do not bring out your best
  • Honour the wisdom of your elders whether it is at home, relationship or in business (learn from their journey)
  • Book a facial + have a bath and enjoy a body scrub, facial and hair treatment
  • Connect to your deeper wisdom by offering time to just be…

It sounds pretty good really doesn’t it?
Leave me a comment below I would love to hear what is the number 1 way you are going to bring beauty into your life?
Share this page with a friend too ~ I just know they will so appreciate it…




2 thoughts on “The theme for May is "INTEGRATION"

    1. How perfect is that?
      Soak up the french love of beauty + style…feel the love!
      You wont come home the same woman!!!!

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