Weekly Inspirations ~ 12th -18th May

Not everyone loves Mothers Day, it can be a day of deep pain for some women for a vast array of reasons!  May is the Maternal Month so can I invite you all to “mother thyself” this month?  I wonder what would be the first thing you would do yourself?

Here is my number 1 tip to help you stay on track …keep life as simple as possible

Write your to-do-list and then read through and cull what can be let go of.
Be honest with yourself; does it all need to be done today?  This week – near enough will work just fine!

  • If the weather is good then go for walks but rug up so you stay warm.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful
  • Put flowers on your bedside table ~ so that the first + last thing you gaze upon in your day is one of beauty.
  • Be a goddess and book your facial, massage, healing or haircut for this week.
  • Notice signposts that come your way via people + situations ~ the signals from the universe will shift your energy immediately.
    Your feelings are also signposts; feelings of lightness, happiness + ease will tell you that you are on track, feelings of anger, fear + anxiety will let you know you have stepped off track. Be totally grateful for each signpost you experience.

Your head will want it all figured out NOW but your heart knows it will all come together in divine timing.  This is a time of deep transformation and change is still occurring you just cant see it so trust your intuition and do whatever you need to do to get out of your RUT that you find yourself in.

The Aromatherapy Oil for this week is Eucalyptus ….
Put a few drops on a tissue and keep it in your bra to breath in through your day.
Rub on the soles of your feet to reduce overwhelm and to restore your clear thinking processes……it will reach the brain within 3 seconds ~ amazing right!
I love Eucalyptus when every aspect of life seems to want your attention NOW….so perfect for women really.

Make clear plans for your week so that you are not being pushed and pulled; listen to your body – if something doesn’t feel right – then its not included in your plan!

This week – its all about YOU!



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  1. thanks Nella…
    I used Do-terra brand …very strong and powerful!


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