Weekly Inspirations 19th ~ 25th May

Have you lost that flirty spark you had last week?  If so, read on + discover why…..

In 2014 there has been so much clearing + healing on a psychic, emotional + karmic level that has reached deep into every aspect of your life and that my dear woman takes alot of energy!

This image that I use to explain this time is “your bus has pulled into the station, passengers have gotten off but you are still on the bus waiting for it to drive off to your destination but its not moving!  You begin to fume inside, glaring at the driver and finally you have had enough so you begin to  run up + down the aisle pointing in the direction you want to go; you get angry at the driver because he should be doing what you want him to do NOW and finally beyond frustrated you hop off the bus to try + push it so that the driver will get the hint and begin driving.  Finally with the bus still at a standstill you get back on the bus feeling demoralized, drained and exhausted.  You collapse on your seat and fall asleep.
In time the bus starts and begins its steady  journey towards  your destination ~ and not a second before!

Oh what to do!

This week dress yourself in beautiful colours and accessorize with kindness, compassion and patience!

And while you are at it!

Say NO so you can give yourself more time to do what you need + Be aware when you are saying YES to keep others happy

And protect your energy by

Declining to attend every argument you are invited to.
(I read this on facebook and loved it and have used it myself everyday since)

By the end of May things will flow with ease + inspiration.

What can you do for yourself to re-charge your batteries this week?

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