Weekly Inspirations ~ 26th May ~ 1st June

After the dynamic energy of the last few weeks this week will be a breeze!Can you be OK with what you are feeling?  If you are feeling great then make the most of it and if you feel flat then you could be still processing things from the powerhouse energy of the last month, so do whatever you need to do to support + conserve your life force.

It is going to be a good week + ain’t that a relief!

A couple of keywords jump into my mind
ALLOW what you are feeling to be felt and honoured and TRUST that things are as they are meant to be.

Choose one from the following list and commit to doing it for yourself.

  • Take a day off that is due to you and do something nourishing
  • Clear your diary of any extra commitments and book in a healing, massage or facial
  • Run the bath and wallow in its warmth
  • Have an early night, put the earphones in + hit play to one of my Relaxation Cd’s

If you are super keen to feel more balanced I will be available on Monday 26th May for appointments ~ sound good?
If it does feel right then follow the link to make a booking.

Now its up to you to create your best week yet!

Leave a comment and tell me how you are going to create your best week!  What will you do?