My top 3 tips to help you to relax + conceive…

“To keep the lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it’ Mother Teresa

When I suggest to a fertility client that she needs to create some space in her life so she can relax more her eyes glaze over and she replies “yeah I know” and when I suggest a few things to do I then get a “yeah but”…
It is hard to make changes but if the end result is conceiving your baby then is it not worth trying?  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying.  Sound familiar?  If this sounds like you keep reading…

Your fertility is demanding that something somewhere needs to change and my 3 simple tips will enable you to restore balance to your inner + outer life to support conception but also these will support you on your journey through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Create space in your life

It is vital for conception that you offer yourself quiet time, stillness + relaxation to nourish your creative feminine energy.

Creating space is about creating space so that you can take greater care of your own needs however that is for you.

Remove any commitments + people from your life that drain your energy!  As you read that sentence you will know immediately what needs to be removed, deleted, addressed or altered.  If something doesn’t feel good then it becomes a no, if a person does not support you on your fertility journey then they become a no or perhaps someone you just see less of.
In other words if its not an 100% YES ~ then it is a NO!
You do not need to do the whole explanation thing you are simply needing more time to relax + chill out in your life!
The fertility journey takes so much of your vital energy that you need to conserve + sustain the energy that you do have with quiet time, commitments that you like/love, people that support you and time to just be however you are really feeling!.  This is creating space in your life for a new relationship to enter!

You life needs to light you up from the inside out so that you can make your dream a reality.

Another area of creating space is to walk into your babies room ~ is it the junk room?  can I invite you to start spring cleaning to make it welcoming?  You will be amazed with how good it will feel and you may want to continue on with other areas of the home.   Creating space in your home for something new to enter!

The 3rd area of creating space is to lighten your diet removing gently those foods that make you feel unhealthy, heavy or that you really know aren’t good for your body.  However, if you go out to dinner with your partner to a nice restaurant/cafe then please enjoy a glass of wine and delish food as a woman blossoms from nurturance not deprivation!
I am writing up an ebook on a pleasurable detox for fertility but in the meantime just start to lighten your diet to create space for new vitality to enter!

Now that you have some space in your life you will have the ability to enjoy the Number 1 Yoga Pose for Fertility.

Relaxation is the key

It is so simple that everyone ignores it!  But this was the key to my 73% success rate with the Yoga for Fertility course.  The ladies were shocked that there was actually more relaxation than yoga and that their homework each week was to practice.
Those that practiced relaxation were so much more relaxed and began to feel like the woman they once were before the fertility journey began.

Everyone would benefit from a good relaxation CD and you my dear, are no exception!

Guided Relaxation will help you to:

  • Relax the body, soothe emotions, clear overwhelm + restore positive thinking
  • Reduce stress on the systems of the body so they can do their job
  • Feel more positive + confident with your fertility

Inspired by the Yoga for Fertility Course + DVD and goes deeper than any other CD for fertility.  I have drawn on 25 years of yoga teaching, 14 years as an Intuitive Healer to create this powerful deep and healing gift for you!
Meditations for Fertility has 6 tracks ranging from 7 – 20 minutes and each track will link to where you are at within your cycle.  If you click on the link you can listen to a sample track!

You can downloaded to your computer, phone, ipod + ipad to make it accessible + easy!  Please don’t drive + listen!
You can listen on your way to work, waiting at appointment and at night to ensure a good night’s sleep.  Obviously the best way is to create space in your day so you can lay or sit and listen with awareness.  Can you partner listen ~ why not?
Use an eyebag, blanket and turn off distractions so you can be present!

Relaxation is a gift to your body + soul and will become a treasured part of your self-care for fertility, pregnancy + motherhood!

Bathing Ritual

30 minutes of wallowing in the warmth of a bath will relax the womb ~ Voila!

Now all women know how good a bath is and you will come up with many “yeah but’s” not to enjoy a bath but please allow it to become a part of your fertility ritual, it is healing, nourishing, nurturing and it just feels great!

Make it a true sensory experience with candles, music/silence + give yourself a scrub, masque + hair treatment too.
Have an early bath so you can be in bed by 9.30pm to support your adrenal glands (especially if you live on nervous energy) and awaken refreshed for the new day.  C’est si bon!

The beauty about these 3 tips is that they can all be enjoyed in the sanctuary of your own home, no appointments, no traffic, no spending more cash.  All that is required is YOU committing to taking care of your needs to support your dream to become a mother.

Are you ready to relax and conceive?  Well, start now by saying YES to you!

Start today with one of the 3 tips!  What one will it be?

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