Weekly Inspirations 5th ~ 11th May

The theme of May is INTEGRATION + after the crazy energy of April you may still feel the need to just chill out.  Do what you need to do without expending all of your vital energy.
If you are feeling like you are in LA-LA land then you probably wont be alone ~ because all of us will be feeling a little spaced out too!

As you move through this week some of the issues that arose in April may come to your attention and these are ready to be addressed, improved, deleted, removed or changed in someway.    Don’t get too caught up with the finer details of it all; the universe has got your back!

The following technique that I will share with you will help you to feel more grounded, stabilised and clear.

ESR (Emotional Stress Release)
Is a very effective technique that works by lightly touching neuro vascular points on the bumps on the forehead whilst thinking about what is causing your stress.  As the blood flow is restored a new message will be sent to the brain via the nervous system and clear thinking will be experienced.

How to do ESR

* Sit or lay comfortably
*    Place one hand at the base of the skull and the other hand across your forehead
*    Breath smoothly and evenly
*    Focus on your stress  or emotion that is causing you to feel stressed

Hold for at least 2-3 minutes or until you feel yourself needing to take a deep breath or when tiny pulses are felt under your hands.


Variation: Place the opposite hand at the base of the skull to restore balance between the front and back brain.


I personally use ESR all the time for when I am experiencing sleep issues, feeling unfocused, unable to make decisions, negative mind chatter, reacting rather than responding.  I use it for my grandson to help with school and for nightmares!

Have you used ESR before?  I would love to hear about your experiences and what are the 3 ways you have found it benefits you + your family.