New Moon in Tauras…

Is on the 29th April and I am heeding my own advice today ~ I have spent the day preparing to send out my Newsletter to the Feminine Spirit Community with some great specials and blogs for health but for some reason my email provider + new computer is not allowing me to do it.
I can fight it and allow frustration to reign supreme or I can put this Post out + TRUST that those who see it  ~ will be those who need it.  

After the INTENSITY of April, I invite you (and me) to lay down:

INHALE + open your mouth really wide and ALLOW the first of many yawns to come, let it come from the depth of your being and if you are alone
be vocal with your yawns and don’t stop until the eyes begin to water.

Now STRETCH your arms above your head, stretch through to the tips of your toes ~ feel the stretch in every part of your body and LET IT ALL GO!
Let the arms come back down alongside your body.

INHALE + hold the breath as you screw up your face, fists ~ tighten and tense every part of your body, mind+ heart ~ feel your organs tightening up and EXHALE + LET GO!
Noticing that to be tense you need to do something and to relax you need to do nothing!

Did you feel like April was never ever going to end?
Well the good news is that as the week progresses the intensity will lessen and everything that felt broken or loose or chaotic will flow with ease again.

So my advice dear woman is to:
Pull back + take time out to rest.

Friday 2nd May Mini Healing + free gift
I will be offering 15 minute healings for the mind + heart on Friday + offering to my divine Feminine Spirit clients, friends + followers only
a free 5 minute reading (so bring a piece of jewellery or I can use an item from your handbag)
10am – 1pm @ Infinity Natural Wellbeing
227 Nelson Place Williamstown or 93973015

Mothers Day Special
An intuitive healing that concludes with a divine Rose Quartz Energetic Facial that will allow your light + beauty to shine.
$95.00 ~ Gift Vouchers available
1hr @ Infinity Natural Wellbeing
227 Nelson Place Williamstown or 93973015

Would love to see you there!