Weekly Inspirations – 12th – 18th January

Feeling inspired yet?  Or are you wondering what the hell has happened because you + your life feels so out of balance?
Maybe you are beating yourself because you ‘should’ be inspired + motivated for 2015 when truthfully you feel lost, chaotic, lethargic, doubting yourself + questioning why you are feeling this way when everyone on social media is posting “this is my year quotes”?

Here is what I believe…… when you were a kid you were on holidays in January.  Having fun at the beach or pool, riding bikes, hanging out with friends, sleep overs that involved lots of giggling late into the night, skateboarding (ok that was me), daggy family holidays, picnics, barbeques and sometimes you just had to make your own fun!
Then you grow up to be a conscious, spiritually awakened, responsible superwoman who has her New Years Resolutions completed on January 1 for an amazing, inspiring, brilliant year!  Just cut yourself a break girlfriend + see what happens.  

So what to do? 

  • Do something you used to love doing as a kid
  • What would the girl within like to do this week?
  • Do something daily involving beauty, creativity, inspiration, freedom and a smile.
  • Be spontaneous
  • Drive somewhere scenic + go for a walk
  • Grab a take-away and go to the botanical gardens or beach
  • Go window shopping in a ritzy street filled with quality hand made products
  • Go to a movie at an independent cinema (Sun Theatre, Yarraville – c’est fantastique),
  • Book in for a new hairdo
  • Go to the library + borrow a book (libraries have such good energy)
  • Enjoy your meals outside
  • Pick a drawer a day or cupboard or room a week to spring clean
  • Get back to your yoga class for body + soul nourishment
  • Do a daily meditation practice if you have felt spiritually disconnected

My tips on not what to do:

  • Stay away from the news + social media.
  • Don’t buy into ‘I can’t afford a Feminine Spirit treatment’ because that will be sending the wrong message to the universe + your spirit.  If you are ready to shift, to connect, to embrace but just feel held back – then a healing will be perfect.
  • Ignore the universe and her magical signs


Trust me; in February you will feel a shift….