Weekly Inspirations ~16th-22nd June

Trust your heart because it will guide you when you are unclear about what your next step should be.Trust your heart with what is right for you in the moment ~ it will not let you down.

  • If you are embarking on something new in your life it is important to create space to be still + to listen to your heart.
  • Listen to a guided relaxation (My relaxation CD Mandala is on special till June 30th)  to quieten the white noise of the mind
  • Make the decision each morning to live your best life
  • Go to bed filled with gratitude for your day + spend a moment reflecting on what you learn’t from the day.
  • Eat foods that make you feel nourished + warm
  • Go away on the weekend to the country.

This is not the week to hold yourself back ~ dream big ~ live bold because the energy will shift towards the weekend + beyond…
Make the most of it…

Feel like you need more?  Would an intuitive healing give you clarity and greater connection to your heart?