Weekly Inspirations ~ 27th October-1st November 2014

After the stormy weather in Melbourne you may feel tired, crotchety and wanting to do as little as possible.  The storm offers the perfect opportunity for Miss Procrastination to enter in but may I suggest that you push through it and keep going with what you have been working with or on.

The strange weather patterns are symbolic of your inner changes + the key is to keep creating balance between what you have to do and what you want to do by being super organized + just do what you said you were damn well going to do!

Baby steps are just fine this week – 2 steps forward, 2 steps back + cha cha cha! 
Take a baby step towards something you have wanted + pause wherever you have landed to breathe, peruse the new landscape, live in it for a while and grow into the new you.
You will know when to take another baby step or giant leap!

Make this week fun too by adding lightheartedness to your relationship + even business!
Bring ORANGE into your life if you feel weighed down with the burdens of life or if the past or future is causing you worry.  It will also help you to remain present when dealing with anxiety, mental paralysis, hidden fears surfacing and fertility issues.

Immerse yourself in BLUE rays to protect yourself from negativity, restore inner balance, aid self expression from the heart or if you are spring cleaning it will aid the detox.

Acts of Love:

  • Be committed to restoring balance to yourself on a daily basis
  • Pop your crystals + house plants outside under the moonlight + rain for 24hrs
  • Contemplate a weekend away with your partner to bring romance into your life
  • Planning a trip?  Get some flyers, start planning + get excited
  • Relax, unwind and enjoy being with those who open your heart
  • If you have fallen out of love with your business – book a healing to re-kindle the love
  • Acknowledge the good bits of your life + be open to inspiration that comes
  • Write your to-do-list with what you WANT to do at the very top of the page
  • Play your relaxation CD’s to reconnect with your creativity
  • When you start to whinge and complain – just STOP
  • Create space + freedom from lack + any story attached to it
  • Take your nose out of other people’s business
  • Let the unpredictable weather be your guide to just roll with life

Finally change things up….
I have become the full-time carer to my mum and I have enjoyed dressing her from her  extensive wardrobe that has mostly been ignored in favour of the old faithful outfits.
It is very easy to wear the same thing with the same jewellery….so this week dig deep into your scarves, outfits, jewellery (costume + real) and play with creating something new from the old…and see if it shifts your energy?

Let me know what you notice this week?

“If you want to change your financial ways, just change.  Don’t stop to analyze, or to ask why or how.  Just change!  Suze Orman