Weekly Inspirations

24th ~ 30th November 2014

As I sit here to write nothing is coming and I am staring at the screen and all I want to write is “I don’t know”because that is how I feel many of us will feel this week and it is totally O.K.   Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the stress of not knowing the answer to your life’s questions ~ they will come soon enough.  

But what I do know is that this week feels nice, light and happy so do more of what will foster more of this in your life.

Put the high vibe energy into your business goal, personal dream or a future vision and allow it to marinate in it and see what happens.
If you have a dream of going to France get some flyers where you can see them + start your savings a/c, if your dream is to have a baby then clean up bub’s room (especially if it is the junk room) and if you want to expand your business book a coaching session to have some good concrete steps to take.

Trust that the universe is listening to you so be very clear with what you are asking for.
Reflect on where you have ‘trust’ in your life that something will happen i.e. the sun will rise, the electricity bill will come, I will get a headache if I don’t have a coffee etc and then apply this trust to your vision.

Acts of Love

  • A high vibe week ~ feed this energy with nourishing thoughts, words + actions
  • Embrace + enjoy the twist + turns that the week may bring
  • Loosen the apron strings if appropriate
  • It is not up to you to fix another person so take a chill pill
  • Celebrate your 2014 business success with a group of like-minded women
  • Reflect on your vision board + notice what ‘draws you now’ + update for December
  • Flick off your shoulders anyone you are carrying energetically
  • Organize a catch up with a friend who ‘gets where you are at’
  • The universe will make changes for you if you can’t or won’t
  • Do something tangible in relation to your dream
  • Clear the blocks to this dream/vision/goal
  • Buy some spring flowers in a colour that draws you
  • Accentuate your style with a new scarf or piece of jewellery
  • Go for an extra long walk
  • Step out boldly and see how that changes things
  • Go to bed early to support changes

When you say “I don’t know” smile softly, let your eyes be playful + give a French shrug of your shoulders + expression in your hands – voila!

Enjoy this week and let me know what tips you loved!