Facial Blyss ~ the truth…

Do you want to look + feel like a more vibrant version of the old you?  

Unlike Dolly (je aime Dolly ) who has overindulged in a little too much ‘facial refreshment’ of recent years and now looks nothing like her beautiful self.
Go to a movie or read a mag and you see the frozen faces + that vein that runs through the centre of the forehead after too much botox and it all starts to look….. tres horrible!   

I personally would never indulge in cosmetic surgery it goes against everything I believe in but damn I wish I could plump up my wrinkles…voila!  But this is me and I don’t want to look younger ~ I just want to look like a more fabulous version of the 52 year old me!

I know too many women who have had facelifts + botox and yes they looked great at first but after a while they all start to look freaky and I find myself staring at their puffed up lips or tightly pulled faces.  Their faces may change but energetically I could sense nothing had changed in their inner world and I believe the two are intimately linked.

Your face tells your life + love story and it should never be erased to fit in with a warped view of what women should look like (and exactly whose view is that anyway?).

I have lived a good but often hard life; got sunburnt too much, I have loved and lost,
I have 2 children on earth + two in heaven,  I have drank, smoked + partied hard (in my wild youth), I wasted my youth and treasure my wise woman years.
I used to hate my wrinkles before I understood that they tell my herstory …. c’est la vie!.

It is why I am so passionate about Facial Blyss because it offers renewal without any invasive procedures or harmful side effects.  If you are like me + value your health but would love to ‘freshen up’ naturally and recapture your beauty + joie de vivre you will love Facial Blyss too!.

Facial Blyss is a natural facial massage sans oil that releases stress + tension from the face, neck, shoulders + upper back.

You will look + feel:

  • Toned, soft + dewy
  • Fresh faced + plumper in all the right places
  • Replenished + radiant
  • Relaxed, calm + happy
  • Beautiful on the inside + glowing on the outside
  • Vibrant + lighter in body, mind + spirit

Are you ready to book your appointment now?

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$95 1hr or packages available
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I look forward to making you look and feel beautiful….