Weekly Inspirations

1st – 7th December

I am sorry I am late with this post it just seemed like yesterday life was pulling me in many different directions and I felt so exhausted – did you feel that way too?
So I chose not to write from that exhausted place and to wait and see what came today!

We are still in Scorpio energy with a big year behind us and a huge festive season in front of us and we wonder why we are tired?
So my advice this week is to take a chill pill and just do what you need to do BUT  indulge in some self-care to nurture yourself!

Have you started buying your pressies?  Does the mere thought of it all exhaust you even more?

My secret to gift giving is to buy at my local shops and farmers markets.
The energy of say “Highpoint” or as we like to call it here in the West “LowPoint” is called that for a reason; it does nothing to lift your energy but rather sucks the life force away from you PLUS it is built on an Aboriginal burial ground so that is why you get the feeling after awhile to just get away!
Shopping centres are not a haven of tranquility on a good day let alone in the chaos + financial stress of Christmas it is just low vibration and best to be avoided.
If you do have to go or you work there – I would recommend a shower afterward!

I prefer to buy gifts that are sourced from local shops + markets that are practical, organic, healthy and made in Australia.   But I am also shopping in a relaxed, happy and enjoyable manner which infuses the gifts with those energies.

Some ideas for you…
Gratitude Diary, Organic Make-up or beauty products, inspirational cards to give daily insight, gift voucher for massage, facial or reflexology, Wellbeing Mag subscription, books, Feminine Spirit Retreat (well… its a great idea, practical and it will be well received + loved!

Acts of Love:

  • Breathe
  • Run a bath + add some bubbles and relax
  • Go to bed earlier than normal
  • Turn off reality TV and the news
  • You have had a big year so be nice to you – you deserve it!
  • Get takeaway and have a break from the kitchen
  • Say no to invitations that you don’t want to go to
  • Say yes to invitations that feel fun
  • Wear colours that uplift you (no black this week)
  • Make a decision
  • Say no to gossip

If you are feeling still heavy and tired make a choice to do whatever you need to do to lighten and brighten your energy…and you will feel the energy shift





2 thoughts on “Weekly Inspirations

  1. Thanks for the info re Highpoint.
    I last 2 hours and feel desperately the need to escape. Now I know why!
    It’s shameful that progress has been so disrespectful.

  2. It certainly makes sense doesn’t it…
    I am ok there for a minimum amount of time and then I need to escape too!

    It still goes on today….because if bones are found it can shut a whole operation down!

    The other area to watch is Vic Market and the gardens around there….

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