December themes ‘responsibility’ and ‘opportunity’

Oh December how did you arrive so quickly?
The energy of Scorpio is leaving and December’s theme will be front and centre perhaps well into 2015! 

The theme is ‘Responsibility’ which will either make you yell “I am woman hear me roar’ or want to curl up into a little ball and hide.  Which is it for you?

I have been addressing this theme in my own life and when I stopped blaming others for my issues I felt so much more empowered and happier!  At the end of the day I am the only one who can breath for me, I am the only one who can digest my food and I am the only one who can heal my stuff.  It is my responsibility to make me happy, healthy, wealthy + wise.  It’s all up to me!

We often think “if I just do one more on-line biz course, get a super expensive coach, have a tarot reading, go to a therapist, do more visualizations, affirmations or yoga and then it will be better”  But unless you take responsibility for your situation, health, happiness, relationship or finances – nothing changes.  End Of Story!

So December is imploring you to explore where you are blaming another; where you are not taking responsibility for what is or isn’t happening in life and now that is not to say that someone else may not be playing a big part in it – but what is yours?

When you are into the blame game or victim notice the tone of your voice and your body will be very different to the tone, quality + posture when you are owning your stuff!     

You may notice this month you are no longer willing to be the patsy for someone else.  It is not your responsibility to carry their baggage, put them down and let them discover how best to pick them up and carry them.  If you are a ‘carer’ of others whether its kids, friends, parents or clients you can support them with their healing but you cannot do it for them.

You will be flooded with a new powerful energy when you own your stuff and who knows what magic that will bring.  Be open to it!

In the American West there is an old gambling saying ‘the buck stops here’ well that the perfect way to describe December + 2015!  The bucks stops with you; here and now….. it will not continue at all!  So there could be a golden opportunity with the next throw of the dice or you can blame the croupier who dealt the cards!   Whatcha going to do?

Acts of Love:

  • Being responsible but allow yourself to still be supported
  • Don’t do ‘responsibility’ for another – let them discover it
  • Increase feelings of security, trust and faith in relationships
  • Be responsible for your own health, wealth, weight, happiness + joy
  • I am breathing in + mentally affirm  “in” – I am breathing out + affirm “out” when your mind is scattered, can’t sleep or fixated on another getting their act together
  • Clean up your own mess and don’t leave it for someone else (this probably isn’t for you but for partners + kids)
  • Re-think visions, goals + dreams – spring clean them if necessary
  • Wipe the slate clean with  any issues hanging in the air
  • Have a good ending and a great beginning with all your projects
  • Set new budgets for 2015 and own your finances
  • Allow time and space for inspiration
  • Blue Sky thinking (limitless goals, dreams, ideas)
  • Say No to invitations that don’t float your boat
  • Enjoy Christmas fun but follow it up with a day of rest, healthy food + relaxation

Step into a whole new way of living and being and then you will discover the 2nd theme of December – ‘opportunities’…..When you are in ownership of YOU – you will be able to see the opportunities and you will be ready to take them…….
How exciting!



The source:  Living Now, Nova, Wellbeing, Mr Hunter, Mystic Mama, Power Path + my incredibly spiritual girlfriends…