Weekly Inspirations 8th – 14th December

What a week it kind of feels scattered, ungrounded, unfocused, reactive, short fused and almost unhappy.

Some of it may be yours and in some cases it will be other people’s stuff and you do have a choice whether you carry it for them or not  (please choose the latter).   You may not even be aware that this is happening and just assume it is all yours…….well it’s not!

As we move through December this can often happen to those who don’t take time out to re-focus, re-set and renew their body + mind.  What do you need to do for you this week?
Yoga, massage, healing, walk, go to bed early, meditate, say no to another Christmas party?

Do a daily to-do-list with your top 3 priorities, keep it clean + simple and you will feel a sense of balance and achievement because you have attended to the most important items first.  This is my list for today – nothing earth shattering as you can see….

  •      Do Weekly Inspirations Post
  •      Send emails to confirm my client bookings + advertise Pop Up Yoga
  •     Go for a walk

This is a HUGE week to notice where you others stomp all over your boundaries, joy, dreams and light.  Sometimes we are not even aware of it until a dear friend points it out to us.  Become an observer of you and how you react or respond this week – this is the first step in how to take your power back and you want to be empowered for the creative power that will come with the new year!

Acts of Love:

  • Listen to your relaxation CD to clear the mind + restore positivity
  • Allow your yoga class to be a non-negotiable part of your week
  • Clear clutter especially if it’s yours
  • Be responsible with your finances + pay cash to avoid credit card blowouts
  • Be committed to your financial, mental, and emotional wellbeing
  • Don’t be a martyr (no-one really appreciates it anyways)
  • Allow space for a few nice surprises
  • If the social engagements are draining you – pull a sickie!


This is a fabulous week for anyone who has been really working on their ‘stuff’ through 2014!  It will show you how far you have come… SO be nice and celebrate it!