How do I know if this is the right Retreat for me?

Many women often feel daunted by attending a retreat, so I wanted to share with you one guest’s story about her Bali Retreat experience.  So make a cuppa, lean in + enjoy…..

As my plane left the ground, an overwhelming sensation washed over me and I could feel the anxiety rising in my throat.  The fear of leaving the comfort of my own home + country, had become overwhelming and I found myself asking ‘what have I done?’  Yet, I knew this retreat would be good for me but I had no idea I would be taken on the journey that I was.

The writing in italics are snippets from her retreat journal…..

Before the retreat began I spent a few days adjusting to Bali life.  I felt uncomfortable with this unfamiliar feeling I was experiencing.  I love to challenge myself, step outside my comfort zone, but this is different.  Unfamiliar language, country, streets, roads, buildings – all so different.
But after a few days it dawns on me….I am happy, relaxed + positive.  The fear has gone, I feel centred and at peace with where I am right now!

Having suffered chronic fatigue for 10 years I didn’t want to do a retreat where I was detoxed within an inch of my life, where in a week you are pulled apart piece by piece and glued back together and left feeling cleansed but worn out by the end.  No, I wanted to be planted in nourishing soil, watered, fertilized, surrounded by warmth and light and encouraged to grow….and that is exactly what happened.

My apprehension of this retreat was that I might break down and fall apart.  My fears were soon relieved with Susanne’s reassuring words about the retreat intentions and my fears were replaced with excitement and…..there I silently nodded and sighed.

This was a life changing retreat and as cliche as that may sound, there is a reason people return to this retreat.  The beauty is, you get out of it what YOU, as an individual need.

We are blessed with the two souls who are guiding us through this week of bliss. 
Trudy is the ‘The Dragonfly’ – the symbol of transformation.  Touching people with her wisdom + magic, bringing about and guiding them through their own change in life.
Susanne is ‘The Sun’ – shedding light + energy on souls that need to be nurtured and grown.
and we are ‘The Buds’ – still tightly and securely wrapped in the safety of our leaves.

Susanne and Trudy are yin + yang, the balance and energy they bring + give to each of the buds is what makes this retreat exceptional.

Getting to know everybody and having one-on-one chats and finding out their stories, through workshops, yoga, coffee and food, we bonded.

For someone like me who has allergies to most foods, it is not often I can go out for dinner or cake + coffee and actually have a choice on the menu but during this retreat we were introduced to the most amazing cafes where I was faced with many choices.  RAW, Vegan, Organic, delicious french bakery food….  whatever your desire it was available and it was ok to indulge.  This was the ultimate indulgence retreat after all!

Slowly, I try to let the leaves fall;
inside, a flower with all it’s internal strength trying to get free,
trying to shine.

Susanne and Trudy are there when you need them, appearing at the right moment or never hard to seek out and always available.

The beauty of Bali, our accommodation + surrounds made me feel alive.  I felt the spiritual influence of the Bali culture deep down inside when I was alone with my thoughts.

The Bud
ignited by The Sun
transformed by the The Dragonfly
has no left the security of her leaves
let them unfold and become
The Flower

I didn’t come to this retreat to escape my everyday life because my life is great.  I came to Bali as part of my journey to learn more, to be guided + nurtured to the next level of true fulfillment.

A slightly damaged petal or wing was healed with a week of nurture, self-belief  and self-discovery, of unity + friendship.  We saw the beauty + strength in each of us, even in ourselves.

Thank you to The Sun for your shining light
Thank you to The Dragonfly, my healer, my mentor – My Sister…

Sally Joyce

Does this resonate with you?  Would you like to chat to me about the retreat?
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Trudy and I would love to see you in Bali…

3 thoughts on “How do I know if this is the right Retreat for me?

  1. I want to find out more about the cost, accomodation and whether I could tolerate the heat of Bali if I could afford to go on the retreat in 2015 – it must be winter in Melbourne when I undertake this trip. I tried to register via the Internet site but it froze! If you have a flyer I can come by Infinity and collect it. Thank you Susanne

    1. Hi Jill,
      Sorry I seem to be having heaps of problems with the website at the moment…
      There are flyers at Infinity…I can always meet you for a chat if you would like…?

      Re: the heat….
      I hear you! July is quite nice weather and it’s why I choose July because it is a little cooler…
      Like Melb; Bali’s weather patterns are changing too!
      The rooms have air-con but I have never had to use it in July ….but nice to have an option…

      We enjoy our yoga reasonably early in the morning when it is cooler or late afternoon for relaxation time….

      Nights are lovely…. a light wrap would suffice…
      Any questions please email

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