Weekly Inspirations….

15th-21st December 2014…

UP down, all around, shake your booty to the ground….and that pretty much sums up this week in one sentence.

Let me keep it simple….

Do for yourself this week and let others take responsibility for their own health, happiness, destiny, finances and just about anything else that springs to mind!
If you find yourself doing for others because of an internal voice whispering to you that it’s all your fault, responsibility, job, reason for being…..STOP NOW!

Your key to loving this week will be discipline + action (that’s the shake your booty part)

Your THRIVE list:

  • Re-do your to-do-list with YOU at the top
  • Your yoga class is a non-negotiable part of your week
  • Go for a walk
  • Make a plan for 2015 + own it
  • Freshen your eyes when you wake up by splashing them with cool water
  • Set new boundaries

You cannot eat food for another human being or digest their food or breath for them.
Be responsible this week for YOU…..and see how that feels…



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