New Beginnings

Where I have been…

In 1993 I founded The Williamstown Yoga Centre and over my 18 years as principal, it became a thriving centre attracting an assortment of teachers offering different styles of Yoga and workshops to the community.

It was during these years that I discovered energy medicine and undertook the training to become a Healing Master/Teacher whilst also learning relaxaton + lomi lomi massage + cranial-sacral techniques. 

I loved the power of vibrational healing and also studied soul counselling, aromatic kinesiology + continue my training today.

The changing of the guard

In 2011 I sold the yoga centre so I could have time to reflect, time to connect and to step into the new.  I just didn’t know what the ‘new’ was.

Dark Night of the Soul

After I stepped away I went through periods of feeling lost, stuck, embarrassed and overwhelmed; so I am able to relate to clients who are experiencing the desire for change.

On a morning walk I asked the Universe, “please help me to find my feminine spirit again” + I felt my energy shift and that I had found my new direction.
‘Feminine Spirit’ became an entity, not just fragments of ideas leading to nowhere in particular.  It became a blend of everything I love + am passionate about and it continues to evolve  today.

Where to from here?

After a sabbatical from teaching I have returned to teaching in the parks + gardens of Williamstown plus at Kindred Studios in Yarraville.  I see my clients at Infinity Natural Wellbeing + Studio 10 in Williamstown.  My retreats evolve with stunning new destinations on offer from 2017 and Journey’s for the Soul will be my future with spiritual tours to sacred lands for those who want to delve deeper.

That is if I am not with clients, family, studying or at a french cafe with my french teacher nurturing my feminine Francophile spirit!

So….C’est moi...  that’s me…for now.

Au Revoir

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