Yawning with Awareness Meditation

This morning I sat in my winter garden to meditate when I began to yawn loudly + deeply which felt so good + they became my morning mediation.  I call this Yawning with Awareness Meditatio

Westerners get so caught up with meditating correctly + that just undoes all the goodness of your meditation!   Your body tells you what it needs + deep yawns with a stretch feel so good!     So this is not about waiting for your yawn to come – it’s about inviting the yawn…

If you’ve been to my yoga classes you will know I encourage yawning to help with the release.  But now we will take it a step further.

Yawning with Awareness Meditation  (seated or standing)

Open your mouth wide, wriggle the jaw + yawn with sound ‘AHHHH’…..
Breathe deeply into the belly + open the mouth, screw the eyes up, move the face, bring the shoulders up, stretch the arms up, move the body + yawn loudly.
After a few yawns bring your awareness into your body to feel the yawn from within.  Notice how your body responds to the yawn.

Yawning with Awareness during Yoga or Stretches…

When you are in your pose or in the flow movements open the mouth, encourage the yawn by wriggling the jaw, screwing the face up, moving the shoulders + let it come.  Feel the yawn from within the pose.  Notice the body + how it feels within during + after the yawn.  You can hold your pose still or move within the pose to create a deeper yawning release!
Yawn loudly!  However, a word of warning – don’t yawn in your yoga class your teacher may hate it.  If you attend on line – you’ll be muted so go for it.


  • The breath will change.
  • The belly contracts + releases.  Actually all the muscles of entire body do!
  • Fresh prana fills the cells of body + brain.
  • Eyes are watered + feel refreshed.
  • Brain fog is cooled + cleared.
  • Shoulders release the tightness.
  • Emotional stress held in the belly + solar plexus is eased.
  • Reduces toxicity.
  • Cleanses the liver (TCM).
  • Shifts stuckness.
  • Body awareness is increased.

Notice how different you feel.   You may feel more aware of your inner + outer self.
You may feel sleepy and want to lay down for a rest or raring to go…   Trust your body here as it will tell you what is needed!

Have fun with your meditation.     Discover new ways to connect, quieten + be with YOU.


Photo credit google. arindam-raha