Spirit Blessings June 2022

Here is a little something to warm your Feminine Soul as we dive into Winter…

June Healing/Reading…  33.33
Simplify, Pare Down for inner silence, quietness, reflection + walking in beauty forward on your pathway in life.   The constant theme was one of Humility….
Being present in what is … will help you as you navigate the month of June.

33:33 message in numbers
-Something within or in your life is about to ‘click’ – you are guided, loved + protected.  Ask your Angels, Guides, Spirit Allies to support you.

Saffron Flower Essence ~ Gentle healing with Humility.

Kidney 15 Acupuncture Point
To strengthen perseverance to reach your goals or dreams in a manner which is flexible + flowing harmoniously with self, with time and with others.

Sandalwood Essential Oil
A warm spicy fragrance offers a higher perspective from which to view your life…..especially if you are entrenched in life or an aspect.  Time to let go + embrace the BEING of Winter.

Gold Healing Colour  (Inna Segal – Colour Healing Cards)
Focus on the abundance + blessings in life rather than what is wrong.  Visualize Gold within for healing + abundance of love + heart energy.