Spirit Blessings July 2022

Your Spiritual Toolbox for July 2022
Simple tools to help you live the life that wants to live in you.  

Spirit Blessings – July
The theme is moving, flowing, grace, ease…

Healing Balm Guided Relaxation   9.47
Soothe the body, mind + soul from the inside out.

Moving into July 31.28
Your healing + reading
Moving, shifting, shaking, walking, bouncing…. move yourself out into a new space

Garnet ~ move beyond the old + obsolete…
She-Oak Flower Essence ~ be honest with what is + isn’t working in your life
Gold ~ Abundance, Blessings, Healing

Through this healing + reading an European Wasp was present in my studio… giving us the message to take action or a baby step for positive change in life…

Gratitude Meditation 5.20
If you are in a funk, stuck in your head, feeling stressed out, no inspo…
Gratitude offers cellular renewal instantly.

Morning Reflections…
Do something this today or this week that fills you with enthusiasm.
What can you do with the day ahead that would bring you joy?
If you are in a funk change your vibe by looking at all the good things you have.
What do I need to give voice to in my life?

Evening Reflection…
Send energy to your body as you lay in bed preparing to sleep, send gratitude, love + acceptance.  Listen carefully when it speaks back to you.

Wake up to each day in July + move, stretch, twist, turn, yawn – let it be a meditation of  movement + joy for your body, mind + soul.   If you love to meditate in stillness prior take a few minutes to stretch it out.  Before you jump into bed stretch up to the sky + yawn the day away!

Move + Meditate with  ‘Namaste’ by Karen Drucker  4.43minutes..
Bring your hands into prayer – legs apart, toes out, knees soft + begin to sway, letting the pelvis move in a sideways figure 8, move as you chant, listen…  just let the movement come as it comes…..   Notice how you feel afterward.  Calm? Loose? Relaxed? Grateful? Happy?

I hope you enjoy moving in July…