Lungs ~ Receiving the spirit of life…

With so many people unwell with coughs + colds at present I felt drawn to share a few tips to support the  lungs …

The Lungs belong to the Metal Element + if this Elemental is out of balance one may feel energetically heavy, restricted, toxic, depressed + no flow.     We get thru the day but rarely are shining bright.  The above link shares a little info on Lung Meridian + Metal Element.

The inherent energy of the lungs is to receive spirit, inspiration + life force (breath).
The Lungs surround the heart + are connected + the imbalanced emotional expression held in the heart is felt in the lungs affecting their ability to inhale/receive + exhale/surrender.

The art of breathing well speaks of the beauty of balance…

Physical indications of  Lung Imbalance – 
breathing issues, chronic coughs, throat issues, sinusitis + dry skin.

Imbalanced emotional expression –
procrastination, negativity, apathy, powerless, victim consciousness, depressed, feeling stuck in regret, sadness, loss + grief.

Balanced emotional expression –
feel positive, strong integrity, being present, attentive, powerful, connected to the power of the breath, integrated, able to let go of old beliefs, patterns + habits.

So what to do…?

Smudge to cleanse the energy of the home after illness.
I collect foliage on my walks drying them to smudge my home of all energy that is not LOVE.   Lavender, Rosemary, Gum Leaves, Roses + Geranium etc.   Why buy over-farmed Palo Santo + Sage when you can use local plant allies for free…..

After you smudge open the windows + doors to let the elements refresh the vibes.

Mist your home to lighten, cleanse or protect
If you prefer using EO’s – add a few drops to a spray bottle to mist yourself + every room in your home.   Your Lungs will love these Oils:

Eucalyptus ~ cleanse, purify, expansion, integration, clarity.
Fragonia ~ higher healing, emotional discomfort, unresolved family issues, heart wounding Kunzea ~ inflammation, soothing, healing suppressed emotional pain, breathing well
Lemon Myrtle ~ mood enhancer, self-expression for healing, breathe life into your spirit
Myrtle ~ a struggle to get well, touches the soul, radiating light
Pine ~ purifies after virus, grounding, worthy of being well, cleansing
Thyme ~ restores vital force for health, purifies, helps the body to gather power for healing

I leave my  Cleanse + Protect Aura Mist at my front door for my Coles visits!!!!

A good time to:

  • Boost your minerals
  • Buy a water filter for clean purified water
  • Do a body scrub, run a bath  + add oil if your skin feels dry (lungs relate to skin)
  • Do a hair mask (lungs relate to hair), give blow drying a miss + let it dry naturally.
  • Reflect on how you are loving the life you are living.
  • Strengthen your boundaries.
  • Create a psychic shield, triangle or bubble of light around you when out + about.
  • Gift yourself space by sleeping alone.
  • Ask yourself every morning ‘what would light my soul up today’?
  • What masks need to be let go of?
  • Ask your Lungs what they need


Lung Breathing: 
When the lungs are needing LOVE a soft gentle loving balanced breath is best.
In 4  pause Out 4 pause – repeat….
In 3 Out 3…    repeat
A gentle focus to feeling + being with the breath.  Let the breath be balanced.
If you force the breath to deepen you will cough or stress the lungs.

Visualize Gold light coming into the lungs with each breath restoring healing.

Yoga Postures for Lungs:
The lung meridian begins in the chest + travels the inner arm to the thumb so any poses or movements that open the chest, arms + expands the ribs and lungs will support.

Chest Expansion Poses + Flowing movements  – laying down or standing up
Shaking the arms + hands gently to stimulate
Standing Forward Bend + shake out of head, neck, arms, body + then hang and breathe.   Supine Twist focus on compression of lung.  Release + pause in central position focus on expansion. Repeat opposite side.
Hand, wrist arm massage.

Hope this helps to restore your lungs + your energy to shining soul-fully bright