August 2022 ~ Spirit Blessings

I don’t know about you but I feel like retreating from the world + doing nada!!!!
On August 1st farmers in Peru take the week off to let Mother Earth rest.
Let us be inspired by their wisdom + rest to renew if you are called to do so.

Or you may need to suddenly Spring Clean – the old pagan ritual of using the sacred broom to sweep away the old energies (modern day variation will be the Dyson).   This is symbolic clearing of the slate to prepare for Spring + the season of renewal.

In Ancient Rome they viewed late June to August 1st  as ‘the time of ritual purification’.  A time of letting go of the past + looking toward the future.

This first week of August would be a beautiful time to light a candle and…

Consider your intention for the month ahead
What needs to take root + grow in your life
What needs to be swept away in order for something new to blossom
What is your heart + soul desiring?
Eat cake + drink mulled wine
Soak in a floral bath for 20mins (takes that long for our reproductive organs to relax)
Exfoliate your skin with castor sugar, milk + honey upper body to feet
Drink freshly sliced Ginger with Honey Tea

Make this special recipe to tone the ovaries + increase the flow of energy to ovaries…

1 cup of whiskey
1 cup of warm plain tasting honey
1 cup of lemon juice
Combine + stir till honey dissolves.
Store for 6 weeks in a dark cupboard – shaking daily…It will get better as it ages.

Drink 2 tablespoons daily.

My Mum used to make this for me …  It is soooo delicous.


How are you going to live this month?

Candle Meditation / Relaxation 10.10
This began as a candle meditation but somehow also became a relaxation.
So you can sit gazing at a candle or imagine yourself doing so…
This is a good one if you have been feeling uninspired or grey!

Breathe of the Heart + August Insights  18.12
This began as insights for Imbolc Festival of Light Returning with the Breath of the Heart with colour + the violet flame.

August Relaxation 7.16
A simple relaxation to let go

Sometimes things shift + change from how I think they need to be + somehow evolve into something completely different.  This is August at work for you.
Be open to change, trust yourself + your gut, do what feels right, love the light, respect the earth + be YOU.