Sacred Womb Oil for Health + Healing.

This ancient remedy was passed down thru my maternal bloodline to break down the congestion in the body to allow for healing.   Old wives tales are the original wise woman’s healing treatments.   It’s time to get back to the simple ways!

My Mum taught me to use this treatment over any part of the body that’s in need.   Last month I had a persistent cough, sore shoulder blade + some old spinal injuries from my skateboarding + horseriding days aching.   So……

Each afternoon  I created time to enjoy a Guided Relaxation with the sacred oil applied to the sorest part of my spine.  AT night I would apply it to the heart or shoulder blade.    Each day I addressed the area that was calling out the loudest….until it was all quiet within. 

Botanical Infusions:   RoseBuds, Motherwort, Oatstraw, Burdock + Lady’s Mantle

Aromatic Blend:  May Chang, White Grapefruit, PalmaRosa, White Thyme, Sweet Orange +  Rose Geranium  (created with a subtle aroma)

May help you with:  Depression, stress, insomnia, emptiness, anger, grief, lack of joy, pain, sadness, loss,  stagnation, bloating, anxiety, trauma, scar tissue + immune  system.

Positive Outcomes:  Nurtures the inner child, improves energy flow, helps you to be more present to your body, connection to the area you are healing.

All you need:   OM Mama, Hot water bottle or heat pack + an old face washer…  simple!

The Sacred Ritual Oil + breath draws you inward to the area you’re healing + in the silence insights arise as a word, thought, feeling, vision, memory or a deep knowing.

Our body holds the story of our lives….  so when a part is sore or blocked – it’s trying to tell you something.   It’s our duty to listen.

You will be amazed at the power of this simple healing treatment!
It’s time to trust the old ways again…..